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Yook Ji Dam writes a long blog post explaining why she is demanding apology from CJ E&M

Yook Ji Dam
Yook Ji Dam wrote a lengthy blog post explaining why she must demand an apology from CJ E&M.

In regards to the ongoing issue concerning her alleged past relationship with Kang Daniel, Yook Ji Dam recently demanded an apology to CJ E&M, who in turn responded with even more questions. Both CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment (Wanna One's agency) expressed bewilderment toward Yook Ji Dam and asked why she must receive an apology.

Then, on March 25 (KST), Yook Ji Dam took to her personal blog to explain the full circumstances between her and CJ E&M.

Here is some segments from her writing:

"Hello. This is Yook Ji Dam.

On December 31 of 2014, I signed a contract with Mnet's Hip-Hop+R&B division as their first artist ever, around the time they were filming 'Unpretty Rapstar 1'. I participated in the filming without a manager, without a hair/makeup shop, and without one of those common CJ practice rooms, even when I was their signed artist.

Even after 'Unpretty Rapstar 2', receiving a practice room, a studio, or a simple hair dyes was difficult...however I continued to work at home to create music. But, even after I took my songs to the director, he simply said 'it is not ready yet. it lacks.'"

Yook Ji Dam continued, talking about how Mnet had specifically told her how she is perfect as a target for 'evil editing,' intentionally harming her reputation. She also wrote that she had turned to Heize for support, who at first sympathized with her regarding CJ's profit issues, but later ignored her calls.

"I ended up falling into depression," she wrote. "But, since nobody answered my calls, I worked part-time at a select shop showroom during the day and at an Apgujeong Rodeo hot dog place during the night...my health deteriorated even more."

She continued, "The company even took away my dorm, and so my father prepared a one-room officitel for me, but CJ did not formally cancel my contract and remained as a spectator...Around that time, rumors about me and Kang Daniel's past relationships started going around CJ. Celebrities, producers, stylists, models, and other insiders whom I had never met before asked me about Kang Daniel oppa, telling me: "Didn't you date him? He is like (this) and (that)..."

"When my friend showed me the fan fiction, the things that I ordinarily recounted to some of my celebrity friends had come up. I was scared and indecisive, which made me post on Instagram," explained the rapper.

Yook Ji Dam ended the letter by restating how she was almost kidnapped on her way to Los Angeles, and how neither Kang Daniel nor Ha Sung Woon responded to her phone calls.

"My father was worried about me, so I stayed in the psychiatric hospital for about a month and went through various tests, which gave me the result that I have a manic-depressive disorder." And, with that, her final sentence was an apology to all related figures for causing trouble.

What do you think of Yook Ji Dam's explanation?

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