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Posted by artistseunghee13 AKP STAFF Thursday, March 8, 2018

#InternationalWomensDay 6 Instances when female celebrities inspired

CL , Amber, Boa, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Choi Yoo Jung
1. Choi Yoo Jung
The former I.O.I member and current Weki Meki member surprised her fan, Ye-eun, who had been taking care of her ill mother with cancer. This big-hearted idol took time to get to know Ye-eun and her deepest thoughts, crying with her, consoling her, inspiring her, and supporting her. They spent the day together, going shopping and to karaoke, Yoo Jung making sure that Ye-eun had a day that she would always remember.
2. Park Na Rae
Last December, Park Na Rae was nominated for the Daesang at the 'MBC Entertainment Awards.' It was the first time in 8 years since a female figure was nominated for the Daesang. And although Na Rae didn't win, the nomination was huge. In the variety world that is dominated by men, Na Rae has been so busy in all the broadcast companies gifting viewers with laughs from her witty antics. She's been one of the females that are showing the Korean industry why exactly there need to be more women in stand-up comedy as well as the variety world.
3. BoA
BoA, in herself, is just an inspiration. Being known as a practice bug and a hard worker, she reached success, all throughout Asia and has inspired generations and hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions across the world. Yet BoA is on this list for always being an encouraging and passionate mentor to her hoobaes and aspiring trainees. Most recently her support can be seen with the boys of 'Produce 101,' but also through the early 'K-pop Star' years too!
4. Amber
Never afraid to speak her mind and set things straight, Amber uploaded a video response to all the hate comments she receives called 'WHERE IS MY CHEST?' on Youtube. A clear satire, the video pokes fun at her haters and shows the ridiculousness of the hate, she has to deal with constantly because of her appearance and not conforming to gender norms. Always a star, Amber has been a leader in the K-pop world showing that different types of appearances can be accepted in this industry as well as an advocate of self-love, Amber stands up against any type of body shamer.
5. CL
CL, similarly to BoA, has already inspired millions of people around the world with her performances and music, but especially inspiring is her drive to create success for Asian women in Asia but also in the Western hemisphere. CL has repeatedly stated how her goal is to become a powerhouse in the U.S pop industry and has been relentlessly been working to make her dream a reality. Even though each step is harder in the United States, and there is no way to know if she will indeed succeed, CL wants this to show the world that an Asian woman or an Asian, or Asian-American can thrive in the world's music industry.
6. Kim Go Eun
Kim Go Eun has been an advocate for self-love and all types of beauty. She, herself has been attacked for her looks, people calling her ugly and verbally assaulting her Instagram. Yet even after the harassment, this young actress still has so much pride in her beauty and being a woman. In the February 2017 edition of 'Elle,' she spoke about how everyone is unique and to embrace that. She then further elaborated by saying "Women are beautiful just by existing. I think there's a beauty to every age that's so clear. You get a rock and then cut it, again and again, to make it a shiny jewel, and I think the process women go through as they age is so beautiful." Happy International Women's Day!

  1. CL
  2. Amber
  3. Boa
  4. Kim Go Eun
  5. Park Na Rae
  6. Choi Yoo Jung
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