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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Comedian 'Lee' says he didn't know accuser was underage, says she tried to get money out of him before going public

Comedian Lee has spoken up on accusations.

Woman 'A' had accused Lee of raping her when she was underage, when she was only 18 and he was 24. However, in an interview with STARin, comedian Lee said, "If that's true, I will hang myself and commit suicide right now."

He revealed, "I was introduced to 'A' through a dongsaeng I knew. He introduced her to me as his girlfriend's friend. I liked how pretty she was as well as her personality, so we exchanged contact information and started meeting up. I had no idea she was underage. I met her first at a bar. I never thought she was underage. If I knew she was underage, I'd have to be pretty stupid as a celebrity to keep seeing her."

He continued to say, "While I was seeing 'A', I learned she was underage, was shocked, and stopped contacting her. A man and woman naturally met, started dating, and the emotions that were spent together became convoluted to raping a minor. Is that what the #MeToo Movement is about?"

He then said, "The dongsaeng that introduced me to 'A' kept in contact with 'A' until recently. After I stopped contacting her, I heard that she even came to where I was recording with a friend. However, I heard that 'A' asked the dongsaeng to borrow 10 million KRW (approximately 9,300 USD). When he refused, they argued, and she threatened to report him for sexual harassment, and he was even investigated. Afterward, she told him that she wanted to come to a [monetary] agreement."

Finally, he revealed, "This time as well, before the news broke out, someone revealing themselves as 'A's lawyer texted me on February 28th. They told me, 'You raped a minor, so you can be sentenced up to a life sentence. Will you come to a [monetary] agreement? If you don't, we will sue you and release an article'. Because of this, I had met with a laywer on the day I received that text message to sue for defamation of character and blackmail. From this moment on, I will be taking strong legal action. However, it's disappointing because I think I've been irreparably damaged as a celebrity."

What do you think of his words?

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