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Posted by artistseunghee13 AKP STAFF Wednesday, January 17, 2018

7 of the wackiest 4-dimensional idols in the industry

Bada, Sungjae, Victoria, Eric, Hyesung, Heechul, Henry, Sana
1. Heechul Super Junior
Probably hands down, the most recognized 4D member in the K-pop sphere is Kim Heechul. This Super Junior member has wit as sharp as a knife, crazy high energy levels, insane TV entertainment knowledge, and major confidence. This combination creates the enigma that is Kim Heechul, one of the idols with the most defined personalities, an idol with no filter and someone who is ready to be savage (in the most teasing manner ever) at every turn.
2. Victoria f(x)
Victoria is such a goofball but that's usually because she lives in her own little world. She's forgotten the titles of her own songs on her album, doesn't member the names of her virtual husband's group members (2PM), and is always a bundle of the most dynamic expressions. Her fellow f(x) members regularly just let her be knowing that there is nothing to do to tame her teasing energy.
3. Sungjae BTOB
Sungjae loves to fool around whether it be on stage, in front of fans, broadcasts, or in private. Loving to make the derpiest expressions, Sungjae is celebrated for his derpy photos on his social media and making these unattractive facial moments even in the most important moments like when the camera zoomed in on him after winning first place on a music show. You really can do nothing to hide his wacky personality.
4. Bada S.E.S
Having an endless imagination and a talent for telling the most interesting stories, Bada makes the list as a 100% 4D character. Her zany personality shines through in all of the broadcasts that she's done and on her 'My Little Television' episode, Bada created a situation where she was stuck alone on a fake island (production set) and never broke character once. She talked to her doll friend, called the spirits, and kindly explained to viewers how to survive alone in the wild, even though later she did bring in a Japanese cuisine chef to cut a freshly caught tuna for her. But isn't that why we love Bada?
5. Eric Shinhwa
One of the most epic 4D idols, Eric is well known for his randomness and quirky humor. It's almost legend now that Eric hid in a bathtub for two hours just to surprise and scare his group members. He's also recognized for taking the strangest photos like playing golf in a golf bag, trying to communicate with a teddy bear, and perching on top of a bathtub in full green patterned sweats, headphones, and sunglasses, Eric isn't afraid to let out bizarre side. I mean he even made a banana song about being a monkey and wanting bananas with Hyesung!
6. Sana TWICE
Widely noted as the happy virus, Sana is a load of just plain cuteness, loud boisterous laughter and cute sounds. This TWICE member also has a huge oddball personality and Sana keeps her fans on their toes, many times surprising them by what she is going to do next. At the JYP audition program 'SIXTEEN' for getting into the group TWICE, Sana performed how to make a Vietnamese rice paper roll as her talent while others displayed off their dance, vocal, and other unique skills. You can catch the clip below!
7. Henry Super Junior-M
This musical genius has got a huge eccentric nature, never knowing when to stay still and a constant machine full of overreactions, there is never a dull moment with Henry Lau. Whether he is openly flirting with his castmates, showing off his heart-shaped nostrils, or cleaning his house on his hoverboard, Henry always knows how to have fun just being himself.

  1. Bada
  2. Sungjae
  3. Victoria
  4. Eric
  5. Hyesung
  6. Heechul
  7. Henry
  8. Sana
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