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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Saturday, November 25, 2017

[MV & Album Review] KARD – 'You & Me / You In Me'



Track List:

2. Trust Me (J.seph Jiwoo Ver.)
3. Push & Pull
4. Jinikka
5. You In Me
6. Trust Me (BM Somin Ver.)

4 months after the release of 'Hola Hola,' the members of KARD are back again with their second mini-album, 'You & Me.' While their singles comprised half of the first EP, this one has six all-new tunes, including the title track "You In Me."  

"INTO YOU" is the first track, and it's a ballad. The vocals are very capably handled by Somin and Jiwoo, and J.seph and BM bring some sick flow. The girls not only demonstrate control but power. It's a different style for them, but it's a serious jam. "Trust Me" has a stronger drum influence than we're used to from KARD. We hear some higher notes from Jiwoo, and J.Seph has a much larger part than usual. It settles into a comfortable melody the same way as their previous hits, but this song, too, is different. "Push & Pull" sounds a little more like their older output, with reggaeton influences. I love their past hits, so this spoke to me. It was like coming home again.

"Jinikka" starts out with J.Seph on raps, and the song pushes the girls mostly to backing vocals. They also try a duet format, with the girls singing together, or with another rapper. It's definitely an awesome standout song. On the BM/Somin version of "Trust Me," it sounds really different. There's more reliance on bass than on drums. Somin this time was the high-note-hitter. In some ways, I like BM's raps better, and he also seems to have a bigger part than J.Seph did. Each version has its own rap lyrics, and some are different.   

Okay, I know what I was expecting, and this wasn't it. And that is not a bad thing at all. I figured they might get limited mileage out of the reggaeton/tropical house thing, and they proved me right. To do this, they put out an album that defies their own conventions. And it's highly experimental in some parts. This, however, is an experiment that works. No beaker fires for this band! Both girls stretch their vocal chords on quite a few songs and deliver a very different -- but top-flight -- EP. Not only is every song a bop, but it left me excited to see what else we'll hear from this talented foursome.   

No beaker fires


The MV tells the story of two different relationships, between J.seph/Jiwoo and BM/Somin. The girls are trying to take care of their boyfriends, but the boys themselves are zombies (a reference to a line in the song about being "half-dead"). For the most part, it's just a change in skin tone, but there's a rather jarring scene where BM "turns."

The dancing is classic KARD. They've had killer choreo in every MV, and this one is no exception. They use their limbs to great effect, and not only that they bend and hunch their bodies when necessary. I always enjoy watching KARD dance as a unit.

The set design is really good, though it appears that Jiwoo and J.seph live a richer life. They dine together under a chandelier, and the room is richly-appointed with distinguished-looking books on gorgeous shelves. Somin and BM are slumped against the bed in what looks like a cheap hotel room, with a TV that doesn't really show any stable picture, and BM in a wife-beater (a kind of sleeveless shirt) and ripped jeans. If a picture says a thousand words, the production design speaks volumes.   

So you bet I enjoyed this one. KARD videos are usually pretty high quality, and they've gotten better and better. And as for the zombie thing, all I know is that were I a colleague, they would slay me with their looks and talent. Indeed, they already have.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........9


  1. KARD
  2. YOU & ME
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