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Minah talks Girl's Day's comeback, acting, JBJ's Noh Tae Hyun, and more

By mkim93   Friday, November 10, 2017   14,695   2,841   22



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Recently, Girl's Day's Minah was featured in fashion magazine 'International bnt'.

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In her photos, Minah dressed accordingly to the cold weather by wearing several different coats. After the photo shoot, the idol talked about her future plans as well as her latest title song "11°" from her digital single 'Other Way'.

First, Minah spoke on her latest and first self-written song, "As a singer, I thought it was a chance to challenge myself and because of that, it was fun and I was proud." She was then asked if the fans should be expecting some kind of performance on stage. To this, she replied, "There won't be any special performance. There aren't any plans to go to music programs but instead, I'll be more focused on going on radios this time around."

The interviewer also mentioned Minah's excellent acting skills, and wondered if she had any plans for another role in a drama. Minah said, "I'm waiting as well. There aren't any detailed plans right now but currently, we are discussing a project for early next year." She also revealed a role she would like to play in the future, "I would like to cut my hair short and play a female character who dresses/disguises as a guy."

During the interview, the Girl's Day member also picked out JBJ's Noh Tae Hyun as a close celebrity friend in addition to her sister, "He is a very good dancer so we ended up getting closer to each other through talking about dance. It seems like Tae Hyun is receiving a lot of achievements lately which makes me happy. I was both proud and shy when I saw my close friend being cheered on by so many fans."

Minah finished the interview by answering if there are any planned group activities for Girl's Day. She said, "I think it'll be difficult at the moment. Each member of the group is busy with their personal/individual activities so we will have to wait a bit and coordinate the timing.

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