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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Monday, November 13, 2017

Han Seo Hee says she just can't accept transgender people, Harisu apologizes for her rough words

Harisu, Han Seo Hee
Harisu apologized for her rough words, but Han Seo Hee won't stop.

After her words on Instagram responding to Han Seo Hee saying transgender women weren't real women, Harisu had added, "The second half of my social security number starts with a 2 (In Korea, women's numbers start with 2 or 4 while men's numbers start with 1 or 3). Also, there are people who have to remove their uterus because of cancer or a disease, but does Han Seo Hee's words mean they're not women? She's not feminist or anything. I don't want to argue."

However, some people took to issues that she had brought up people who had their uteri removed, and she issued an apology for her words. She said: "Today, I saw an article on Facebook and got very upset. Even though she's a trainee now, if she debuts, she'll be a celebrity hoobae and I might run into her, right? I didn't want to point out things about her feminist actions. I just saw the screenshot of the conversation that she had with a transgender person and the words she wrote on her Instagram about sex organs, social security numbers, and the uterus, and I was sad and disappointed she went so far. I still feel that way. There are people who are angry at me. I wrote thing out of line because of the hate comments I was getting even though that's not what I meant. I apologize about saying she's not a feminist, and because of my words about the uterus because I feel the weight of my words. I didn't mean that transgender rights should be included in feminist movements. I just felt it was not necessary for her to talk about those issues publicly. I apologize once again to those working hard for women's rights."

She has also set her Instagram on private.

Her post was in response to Han Seo Hee's following post, where she said, "Are transgenders women? Do their social securities start with 2 or 4? Do they have uteruses? If you don't need that biologically, I guess I'm a man, then. You don't need a d*ck."

She had posted the screenshot of her conversation with someone who had DMed her by saying, "I'm a white man from now on. I'm going to proudly have a foreign celebrity concept from now on. lMFAO :)."

After attacks, Han Seo Hee added: "I'm definitely not queer-phobic. I just can't accept transgender people. Does not accepting transgender people mean I hate all sexual minorities? Instead of taking off all the corsets that we're trying to take off, they squeeze it tighter, and they create a 'femininity' of women that they decide for themselves, express it the way they want, and just create uncomfortableness for real women. It's like a white person saying they want to be black. I don't think they help women's right. I believe they make it worse. Have they ever stood up for women's rights? What is 'women' that they talk about? They say they're women in their head, but if they can change their gender because they want to or because they feel that way, why are there two genders in the world? You can't change your gender. If you could, feminism wouldn't have come to fruition."

저는 퀴어포비아가 절대로 아닙니다.다만 트렌스 젠더분들만은 못 안고가겠다는겁니다. 트렌스 젠더분들을 포용안하는게 모든 성소수자분들을 혐오하는 건가요? 우리가 벗을려고 하는 온갖 코르셋들을 벗지는 못할망정 더 조이기만 하고, 여성들의 여성상을 그들이 정한 '여성스러움'이라는 틀안에 가두고 그들만의 해석으로 표현함으로써 진짜 여성들이 보기에 불편함만 조성한다고 생각합니다.마치 백인이 흑인 된다고 하는 것처럼요. 여성 인권 신장에 도움이 되긴 커녕 퇴보가 되게 만든다고 생각합니다. 언제 한번이라도 여성 인권을 위해 소리 한번 낸적이 있습니까? 그들이 말하는 여성이란 무엇일까요? 정신적으로 여자니까 여자다 라고 하시는데 본인이 되고싶다고 또 그렇게 느껴진다고 성을 맘대로 바꿀수있으면 이 세상에 왜 성별이 두개로 나눠져있습니까? 성은 바꿀수없습니다. 맘대로 바꿀수있었으면 페미니즘이라는 것도 생기지 않았을것입니다.

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