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Posted by mkim93 AKP STAFF Sunday, November 12, 2017

Han Seo Hee says transgender women aren't real women

Han Seo Hee
Recently, Han Seo Hee has stirred up another controversy with her comments in regards to transgender individuals.

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Through her Instagram page, she posted a picture of Professor Elizabeth Grosz with her quote. With the post, she left a long comment that reads as the following:

"When I first started Instagram, I uploaded many posts regarding feminism. While doing so, I received direct messages from both transgender and non-transgender individuals. To put it simply, they said, 'since transgenders are women as well, please post about our rights as well'. Hmm, however, I do not think transgenders are women. Even biologically, I do not consider them as women. How are they women if they have penises...jeez...I'm only going to support 'women'. Whenever I ask transgender people 'why do you want to be a woman?', they always give me similar answers: 'I enjoyed putting on makeup as a child and enjoyed being around females more than males and I liked wearing heels...' etc...then if I prefered to wear sneakers instead of heels, too lazy to wear makeup, and enjoyed watching stuff like Digimon Adventure rather than cartoons with princesses, am I considered a man? Whenever I talk to people and friends around me about the topic of transgender, it (opinions) varies a lot. What do you think?"

인스타그램을 시작하면서 페미니즘에 관한 게시물들을 많이 올렸었는데요 몇몇 트렌스 젠더 분들,그리고 트렌스 젠더가 아니신 분들께서 저한테 다이렉트 메세지로 장문의 글을 많이 보내셨습니다. 내용을 간략하게 줄여보자면 "트렌스 젠더도 여성이니 우리의 인권에 관한 게시물도 써달라" 였어요. 흠 하지만 전 트렌스젠더는 여성이라고 생각하지 않습니다. 생물학적으로도 여성이라고 생각하지 않습니다. 고추가 있는데 어떻게 여자인지..나원..저는 '여성'분들만 안고 갈겁니다. 트렌스 젠더분들께 "왜 여성이 되고 싶으시죠?"라고 물으면 항상 거의 비슷한 대답이죠. "어렸을때부터 화장하는게 좋았고 남자 애들보다 여자 애들이랑 어울리는 걸 좋아했고 구두를 신는걸 좋아했고.."등등..그럼 저는 구두 싫어하고 운동화 좋아하고 화장하는거 귀찮고 어렸을땐 공주가 나오는 만화영화보단 디지몬 어드벤쳐를 좋아했는데 그럼 저는 남자인가요? 트렌스 젠더에 관해 제 주위사람들, 또는 친구들과 얘기를 나눠보면 많이 엇갈리더라구요. 여러분들은 어떻게 생각하시나요?

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After posting this, she uploaded a screenshot of a DM conversation she had with another Instagram user who seemed to have challenged her views regarding the topic. In the conversation, Han Seo Hee essentially asked the person if transgenders are women and if their social security number (resident registration number) starts with either 2 or 4 (female numbers).

저 오늘부터 양남입니다.저 오늘부로 당당하게 외국 셀럽 컨셉할럽니다. IMFAO :)

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What do you think of the controversy?
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