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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Thursday, November 16, 2017

[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 29 & 30

Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

With the identity of the real killer known, plus possible tampering and attempted murder by Yoo Bum, we're finally ready to see justice done.

Hong Joo is in danger from the IV killer and Yoo Bum. The killer injects Hong Joo, and then Yoo Bum decides to push her off the top of the building. Jae Chan uses CPR because Hong Joo isn't breathing. Yoo Bum feeds a line of bull to the police painting him as the hero. Our actual heroes wait while Hong Joo is still unconscious. When Jae Chan sees Choi, he embraces him and cries, asking him why he has to leave him now. Choi calms him down and tells him to leave Yoo Bum alone until the trial. Yoo Bum goes to the store where Dae Gu works and admits he did wrong -- but is still a jerk about it. The prosecutors decide to build a case against Yoo Bum. Hong Joo wakes up, and Jae Chan rushes to her side. Yoo Bum's boss decides to represent him, but only to drag his firm's name out of the mud.

Woo Tak and his partner show up to keep Hong Joo safe until the trial is over. Ji Kwang and Jae Chan team up to take down Yoo Bum. That night, Woo Tak has a future dream in which his color blindness fouls up the trial. During the trial, the law firm decides to summon Woo Tak, Hong Joo, and Choi in order to impeach all the witnesses. The next day they try to implicate Choi in evidence tampering, but Jae Chan points the finger back at Yoo Bum. They insinuate that Hong Joo hallucinated, but they say that if Yoo Bum also took the pills, that he must have hallucinated -- both sides lose credibility. Woo Tak is the key to the final verdict, and he recites the oath as he takes the stand...

Okay, this installment had several cute moments, cutting a path of light through the darkness. I love the scene where they're eating on the roof and the banter that takes place. It's been pretty obvious Woo Tak has a huge crush on Hong Joo, a fact which she seems oblivious to. Or at least she refuses to acknowledge it. I would think she's more discerning than that, but whatever. I absolutely adore how Jae Chan is handling it, pretending not to know that Woo Tak has it bad for Hong Joo, so they can remain friends.

Also, it seems odd to me that they keep implicating Yoo Bum, but he keeps worming his way out of trouble. Each time you think that he loses a case, he'll get caught up by his own wrongdoing and end up in jail or at least disbarred. But no, he's still around and still causing trouble. At least his boss realizes this and makes a last-ditch attempt to rein him in. It seems like with the next set of episodes Yoo Bum will get his just desserts.

The way they handled the trial was impressive. I've never been so riveted to a courtroom drama. The arguments were super-impressive, especially as regards the witnesses. Jae Chan was on top of his game, making Yoo Bum into the heel each time, and going toe to toe with Boss Ko. Here, it looks like he has what it takes to be a star prosecutor, and finally deliver Yoo Bum to justice.

I like strong, determined Jae Chan a lot better than uncertain, wishy-washy Jae Chan. I'm not sure what he expected during his time as a prosecutor but I'm sure it wasn't anything like what's gone down. I have a feeling he was not expecting to work hard, and recent events have just kept him on his toes. Which is good. He now has a cause, something clearer than just money or Hong Joo, and that's to see the bad guy go down.

So this is just fantastic. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of this drama, and I keep having my faith in this show reaffirmed with every episode. They just keep on keeping on, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for the finale.




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