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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Friday, October 6, 2017

The Glue: 10 Members That Bring Idol Groups Together

1. Rap Monster of BTS
Though every member of BTS is known for incredible talent, BTS would simply not be in existence without Kim Namjoon! Rap Monster is the reason BTS was formed and the leader who glues together the eccentric personalities of the group with a humble voice. He is aware of when to step in and when to hold back and is also very conscientious of learning from mistakes. His management, leadership, and creativity are just some of the pieces that glue together BTS!
2. Tiffany of Girls' Generation
Tiffany is considered by many netizens to be the heart and main personality of the group. Though Taeyeon serves as the leader and the glue that holds the group together musically, Tiffany has a developed relationship with each individual member and serves as the glue that makes Girls' Generation work. Tiffany is revered as the biggest SONE herself and goes out of her way to keep her network close.
3. Bomi of A Pink
Though Bomi is known for being A Pink's eccentric and silly queen of variety, we consider her to be the glue of A Pink because of that reason! The girls of A Pink are cute and adorable and Bomi is no exception, but her willingness to go the extra mile (ie. pretend to be a gorilla on 'Weekly Idol'), really shows that she puts her group before her! In addition, her distinctive voice rounds out the vocals of A Pink and prove that she is the glue to the group!
4. Taeyong of NCT 127
Though Mark could be considered the backbone to NCT Dream, Taeyong is certainly the glue to NCT 127. Taeyong does not waver when having to rap, dance, lead, or be visual and is an integral part of performances. Because NCT 127 have a tendency to focus on rap, it's hard to imagine the group without Taeyong! Taeyong also serves as a mentor to the younger members of NCT.
5. Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P.
Like Rap Monster of BTS, B.A.P. was built around Bang Yong Guk. The group would not have existed without him joining TS Entertainment! Bang Yong Guk serves as musical glue by writing lyrics, composing and producing the group's tracks and takes the title of leader extremely seriously. Even when Bang Yong Guk took his hiatus, the group still ended up winning the Best Korea Act at the EMAs in which every member said it was thanks to him. Bang Yong Guk is the glue to B.A.P. and has built them to be what they have become today!
6. Minho of SHINee
Minho is SHINee's rock, the member in which they all turn to when things go awry. Minho is known for bringing Jonghyun tissues, cheering at Taemin's concerts, going to Key's musical performances, comforting Onew and much much more! Though Onew is the leader of the group, Minho is the passionate member who cares for his bandmates! His dedication and vitality earns him the spot as backbone and glue to the group! It seems like there is no bigger SHINee supporter than Minho himself!
7. Young K of Day6
Young K of Day6 has been praised for incredible work ethic by fellow member Jae! Young K completes and rounds out the group's member composition and his musical style shines through in their music. He also is often seen setting the mood for the group and is multi-talented with skills in rapping, singing, bass, and guitar-playing, and more! His hard-working nature makes him the glue of Day6!
8. Seulgi of Red Velvet
Many argue that Seulgi is the backbone of Red Velvet, and we totally agree! As one of the top singers in the group, her singing complements Wendy perfectly! Moreover, she is the best dancer, constantly wowing fans with her moves and performance skills. Seulgi is a huge part of why Red Velvet works so well. Even Pringles has noticed her as the glue of RV!
9. Ken of VIXX
Musically, Ken is integral to VIXX's overall sound, as his voice lends an important element to their dynamic. However, aside from the tunes, Ken is comfortable around all the members and they find him to be an oasis in a desert because they are so reliant on him for their own comfort! He serves as the bridge between the older and younger members and is one of the more vibrant personalities in a group that is on the shyer side!
10. Jihyo of TWICE
TWICE's Jihyo is not only the leader, but the glue to the group! Jihyo looks out for every member and puts them before herself without even thinking about it! Every time a member succeeds or does something successfully, Jihyo is the first to congratulate them with a 'Good Job!' or a hug. Her caring personality is what makes her the backbone to TWICE despite being of median age in the group. She is not only TWICE's aegyo queen, but their super glue too!
11. What member is the glue to your favorite group?
Tell AKP who you think is the backbone to your favorite group below!

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