Posted by mkim93 Friday, October 20, 2017

K.Will and rapper Nucksal both choose this as their charming points

On 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' aired on October 20 KST, K.Will and Nucksal revealed their charming points!

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During the broadcast, the two artists entertained listeners with their witty responses on the radio. K.Will was asked what he thought was his charming point, and answered proudly without any hesitation, "It's my face/visual. Everyone has different tastes so it's impossible to be loved by everyone." Nucksal chimed in and agreed, "It's my face as well. I would really like to choose my visual," to make everyone laugh in the studio.

Also, the two artists expressed how big of a fan they are of each other. Lastly, K.Will revealed his dating style on the show when asked if he is the type to push and pull. He said, "I'm the type to just push in the beginning. I'm not the type to have a lot of aegyo but for my girlfriend, I'd show aegyo for her. I'm very different compared to when I'm with other females."

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