Posted by beansss Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Actress Jung So Min likes to be treated roughly?

The October 3 broadcast of 'Life Bar' welcomed guest actresses Jung So Min and Lee Mi Do, co-stars from the recently ended hit drama 'The Weird Father'!

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The two actresses got comfortable around a table with food and drinks, as the MCs chatted them up about their previous drama, their personalities, and more. According to the staff, Jung So Min confessed in an interview prior to her appearance on the show that she likes to be treated roughly(?) by her peers!

When the topic came up, Lee Mi Do agreed immediately, while Jung So Min explained, "Between close people. The closer we are, the better it is to treat each other roughly, and it makes me more comfortable."

MC Super Junior's Heechul then tested the theory out and spat, "What'cha lookin' at?" but it seems like the two weren't close enough yet for Jung So Min to take Heechul's joke lightly! It was also revealed that Jung So Min has a habit of complimenting people soullessly, even though she means it. Check out a snippet from the broadcast above!

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