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Posted by LorraineYe Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Netizens Vote: The Most Popular Idol Group Leaders

1. EXO's Suho
Suho of EXO, otherwise known as the Guardian Angel of EXO has persevered through a long tumultuous career with the group! Netizens constantly praise him for going the extra mile when caring for the members of the group. Suho goes as far as carrying medicines for the members!
2. Girls Generation's Taeyeon
Girls Generation's Taeyeon has been the leader of the group for what seems like forever! Netizens refer to Taeyeon as the 'cute leader' or 'kid leader'. She is friendly and supportive to her members and always tries to put them before herself! Taeyeon can be seen on multiple occasions holding back tears in order to be strong for her members! Her attitude is a direct reason why her group and her fans love her!
3. Big Bang's G-Dragon
This fashionable leader is known for his cheery demeanor and ability to keep Big Bang thriving for 10 years! G-Dragon is a jack-of-all-trades! He is cool and wise after being a trainee for so long, he knows how to treat his fellow members! G-Dragon also has an amazing ability to compose and produce songs that work in conjunction with how well he understands his member's abilities. Many newer idols want to emulate him, as he is a sunbaenim to a variety of rookie idols.
4. TWICE's Jihyo
Despite not being the oldest member, Jihyo treats all her members equally and does her best as the leader to maintain the group's dynamic! She is known for indulging the members' wants and needs and treating each member equally. Jihyo keeps things in order while protecting her members. What an awesome approach to being a leader!
5. BTS' Rap Monster
Kim Namjoon has been the leader that has brought BTS to the top of charts worldwide. From being the group's English sub to taking care of the member's individually, RM does what he can to ensure BTS is comfortable. Aside from being clumsy, he is highly intellectual which works in his favor when leading his group to success! His leader-style is a bit more hands-off, letting the members have more individuality, which works for the group!
6. 2NE1's CL
She can dance, she can sing, she can speak many languages, she can rap... what can't CL of 2NE1 do? Though the group has officially disbanded, netizens still consider CL one of the best leaders in K-Pop history. She is known for always having her member's backs and supporting them in their times of need. In 2013, CL risked her life to save fellow groupmate, Dara. Amazing! It's a shame they broke up, I miss them!
7. GOT7's JB
As the leader of GOT7, JB represents their chic image! He stands up for others and really cares about his members! Other GOT7 members such as Jackson constantly half-jokingly, half-sincerely praise JB for his ability to keep GOT7's ball rolling. The members and GOT7's fans love him as the leader!
8. T-ARA's Qri
Unlike many idol groups, T-ARA employ a rotating leader system. Many netizens love Qri for her metamorphosis into a wonderful group leader. Her ascension to reader helped her become more outspoken and break out of her quiet shell. Qri's personal growth can be seen through her actions as the leader of the group.
9. TVXQ's Yunho
TVXQ is legendary due to their dynamic music and innovative sound. Yunho is known for taking care of his dongsaengs without breaking the resolve of his character. Yunho wasn't appointed to be the leader because of age, popularity or looks, but because he is resilient and humble! He respects his members and keeps the group in line by handling their problems in a capable fashion. Though he can be clumsy and shy, he is good at reading situations and people.
10. SISTAR's Hyorin
Though the group has officially said their goodbyes, the dynamic of SISTAR are like actual sisters and with Hyorin at the helm, the real power and energy of the group shines bright! Netizens think very highly of her as she helped ascend both her group, SISTAR, and Starship Ent. to new heights! She is both talented in all regards as well as responsible and reliable. A true leader!
11. B.A.P.'s Yongguk
Though B.A.P.'s Yongguk suffered from anxiety disorders leading to a hiatus from the group, he is still one of the internet's favorite leaders! B.A.P. had many issues with their label TS Ent., but Yongguk always managed to reassure fans that everything would be okay. Yongguk does not have any of the negative leader qualities of being power hungry and is continuously humble!
12. Wonder Girls' Yeeun
Despite line-up mishaps and ever-changing concepts, Yeeun of Wonder Girls has stuck by the group. Though she was not the original leader, she gladly stepped up and took over the role when Sunye left. Yeeun has persevered and stayed with the group during their ups and downs for their decade-long career. It's a shame Wonder Girls aren't around anymore.
13. Super Junior's Leeteuk
Many netizens say Leeteuk was born to be a leader! Leeteuk is an amazing leader that has led Super Junior through many hardships in order to gain the fame they have achieved today. All the members of SJ have said more than once that they have been able to get to where they are today because Leeteuk has led the group there. He serves as not only a leader, but a brother, a parent, and a safe haven. Leeteuk is the glue that binds Super Junior together.
14. f(x)'s Victoria
Referred to as 'Umma Vic' or 'Mommy Vic', Victoria of f(x) is a huge fan favorite for the best leader! She is serious and takes her role as leader to heart, but when it comes to maintaining the mood of f(x) she can play with the kids (mainly Amber and Luna) as well!
15. INFINITE's Sunggyu
Sunggyu is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter, but above all, he lets his members shine while taking a step back in order to allow everyone time to shine. He knows how to be a leader in every aspect and knows when to be stern with the members. Sunggyu has not once abused his power as a leader and has served as a mediator many times in his career. Though he had some bad health, he always can be seen smiling and laughing when referred to as Grandpa-gyu!
16. MAMAMOO's Solar
With a group of personalities as loud as the four in MAMAMOO, Solar has a lot on her plate as the leader! Especially because she, herself, has a huge personality! She takes care of the members like they are her own family and encourages the playful sisterly dynamic among them. She says that she is their 'guardian angel' because she cares a lot about them and will do whatever it takes to protect them!
17. Honorable Mentions
There are just too many leaders to name all of them! There are more leaders that didn't make the top list, but are still widely loved by netizens across the world! Some of the honorable mentions are Hyunjoong of SS501, Onew of Shinee, Yonghwa of CNBlue, Jonghun of FT Island, Doojoon of BEAST, Jimin of AOA, Sojin of Girl's Day, Irene of Red Velvet, Chorong of APINK, Ashley of Ladies' Code, N of VIXX, Eric of Shinhwa and many more!
18. Who are your favorite leaders?
Tell AKP below who your favorite leaders are and why!

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