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WINNER chooses which song they like more between 'Island' and 'Love Me Love Me'

By mkim93   Saturday, August 5, 2017   19,243   4,514   14



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On August 5, WINNER interacted with their fans through Naver's 'V-Live' broadcast titled 'WINNER OUR TWENTY FOR MIDSUMMER NIGHT LIVE'.

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To start, the group explained their recently released tracks "Love Me Love Me" and "Island". Kang Seung Yoon said, "When one confesses their love to someone, it's very common to say 'I love you'. But receiving love is also something to be happy about and so we proceeded with the concept of 'Love Me Love Me'. It's a refreshing and cool track." Kim Jin Woo continued by explaining the rationale for coming out with "Island" by saying, "By using the remarkable idea of an island, we wanted to express the romantic feeling between lovers. We hope everyone enjoys the music while focusing on the lyrics."

They were asked about which song they preferred more between the two tracks. The group stated that they weren't sure which song should have been the first and second track. Song Min Ho said, "While I was eating with my mother, I let her listen to both tracks. She grooved to the rhythm of 'Island' and said she liked it more by saying 'Son, this (Island) is my style." Whereas, Kang Seung Yoon said, "'Love Me Love Me' is easy to ride the rhythm and is a track where everyone can enjoy together at the end. I like 'Love Me Love Me'."

WINNER also talked about some behind the scene moments while filming for their music videos. Kang Seung Yoon said, "WINNER is famous for bringing rain wherever they go. Every time we filmed something, it would rain and it was no different this time as well in Hawaii when we were filming." Lee Seung Hoon continued, "The weather network said it wasn't going to rain but it was a cycle of just raining and stopping over and over again. This happened especially often when they were just filming me."

Lastly, during the broadcast, the group sang the two songs according to Kang Seung Yoon's guitar which impressed the fans. Afterward, there were many requests to release an acoustic version for the songs in which Kang Seung Yoon joked to leave a comment on Yang Hyun Suk's Instagram.

Which track did you like more between "Island" and "Love Me Love Me"?

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