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Posted by kheadlines Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Worst K-Pop Album Covers

1. Wassup- Hotter Than A Summer
What's up with that? For an idol group that didn't have much name recognition, you'd think having the members' faces showing clearly on an album cover would be a priority -- obviously not. This looks as though the photographer grabbed the first failed attempt at a jumping shot, with two of the girls' faces literally fully covered by their hair. But also, the font here looks as though it was the first option off of Microsoft's Word Art. Wassup deserved better than this.
2. Topp Dogg- Anniversary
Talk about some awful Photoshopping skills. Rating this the "worst" album cover ever, one netizen commented it looked like a display of hairstyle samples at a hair salon.
3. Secret- I Want You Back
Granted, this was before the girls struck big in the K-Pop scene and had a low budget, but this just screams super cheap. Kind of like when I picked up that cheap budget Android phone with plastic all over, it just feels bleh. The girls look lazily photoshopped on the dull gray background with the most basic fonts that were probably assembled within seconds.
4. Red Velvet- Happiness
Unlike Secret, Red Velvet was in the national spotlight since their debut with "Happiness." But this album cover seriously does not do them any justice. For a rookie idol group, it's key to get the name out, but you can barely even see "Red Velvet" on this cover, not to mention "Happiness" is also not very clear. There's just too much going on here -- all the colors, animals, objects, and loudness overwhelm the girls who should be the focus.
5. Super Junior- Magic
There's nothing magical about this one. This just seems incredibly cheap of an entertainment giant like SM Entertainment. The irony here-- this was supposed to be a "special album," but there's nothing special about this dull cover.

Here is something I created in Paint in 1 minute (close enough?):
6. Taetiseo- Twinkle
This looks as though it's a snapshot from a scene in Alice in Wonderland. The weird outfits don't even seem to reflect the girls' concept during their promotions for the song. It brings a twinkle to my eye... of sadness.
7. Big Bang- Number One
Number one in meh. Yes, even the K-Pop kings and the world's highest grossing, most successful boy group had a low point in their creativity. This bland cover just does not do any justice to their charismatic, vibrant stage presence. Creative genius G-Dragon wouldn't stand this cover being released today.
8. GOT7- Got It?
Love GOT7 but this is just no no. This just looks like a blown-up image off of Microsoft's clip art. And were they trying to do, play off the "Got Milk?" ad?
9. Boyfriend- Pinky Santa
Yes, this was a special Japanese album and not a K-pop one, but did they really have to fulfill the stereotype with the Hello Kitty theme? It also looks like it was decorated with a little girl's sticker collection. "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Um, not after seeing this cover.
10. TVXQ- Tri-angle
What were they seriously thinking with those awful hairstyles? And the lame Photoshop "glowing" effect really cheapens the look. Well to be fair, this was released 13 years and the graphic designer was just going with the trends of the time - reminds me of my scribbles on Macromedia Fireworks back in the day.
11. EXO- Overdose
I think I'm overdosing on something when staring at this cover. What were they trying to do here -- hypnotize fans with their music? This album cover is just too trippy for me.
12. S.E.S.- A Letter from Greenland
Looks like whoever designed this cover was playing Scrabble with the girls' names. You can't even make out the names clearly at first glance. And check out that gradient on the fonts, so cutting edge!
13. Jay Park- Demon
Jay Park is living large now and he is signed on Jay-Z's ROC NATION label. But that clearly wasn't the case when this album cover was made. I need a priest to conduct an exorcism on my eyes after seeing this cover. Also, why the random back dancers in the back? It almost looks as though they didn't even have a separate photo shoot for this cover and took a screenshot of a scene in the music video instead. Also, another example of that horrible Microsoft Word Art. That Jay Park 3D font though... that reminds me of Windows 98 3D screensavers.
14. Bubble Sisters- Bubble Sisters
They explained that the "blackface" theme was just a joke, but this isn't funny, it's racist. The group even went so far as performing on stage with their faces smeared with black makeup. They justified this was based off their agency's joke that they were too visually unattractive, but this is just offensive and wrong. You can joke around with the other covers on this list but this just angers/triggers you.
15. Nine Muses- Let's Have a Party
At a quick glance, what's so bad about this? Look closer. The cover showcases the girls' trademark slim figures and long legs. But the girls are striking some awkward poses and look at the legs under the table. Which leg is whose? Let's play connect the legs to the girl.

Which album cover is the worst that you've ever seen?

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