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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, August 28, 2017

Most Popular Songs to Sing at Noraebang this Year!

1. Beautiful by Crush
Done for the popular K-drama, Goblin, Crush kills vocals in this slow ballad. This song has been towards the top of the Noraebang charts since January this year!
2. Playing With Fire - BLACKPINK
Upbeat and fun, this is one of the best idol songs to sing with your girlfriends at Noraebang! Practice singing this track with a friend to impress!
3. Cheer Up - TWICE
Cheer Up! TWICE's Cheer Up held its place on the charts from 2016 into 2017, earning a spot on the mandatory Noraebang songs of this year.
4. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow - Ailee
Another high-ranking ballad from the k-drama, Goblin! Ailee's beautiful vocals make this a popular track to belt with your family and friends!
5. Into The New World - Girl's Generation
Nearly a decade later, and Girls' Generation's "Into The New World" is still within the top 100 Gaon Noraebang charts! Nostalgic people reminiscing about 10 years ago and the girls' 10th-anniversary? Talk about longevity!
6. Last Dance - Big Bang
After a few rounds of snacks, drinks, songs, and laughter: this is the song to go to! Fun to belt with your friends with a nostalgic feel- this is THE song to end the night on!
7. Decalcomanie - MAMAMOO
The nice thing about Noraebang is that we can all pretend we are as good of singers as the vocal powerhouse, MAMAMOO. Channel your inner Hwasa and do some belting with Decalcomanie!
8. TT - Twice
The cutest song to sing with your girlfriends! Go to a nice Noraebang venue and it's sure to be a nice picture for social media of all your friends and you doing the 'TT'!

9. Spring Day - BTS
BTS has been blowing up every chart, no matter what it is, so it's no surprise they are also blowing up the Noraebang charts. Spring Day is especially high up on the Gaon chart due to its ballad style and easy-to-follow vocal rhythms!
10. Yesterday - Block B
If you can rap and follow a basic song rhythm, you can show off to your friends by singing Block B's Yesterday! Zico and P.O's raps are fast, but not too complicated- so you can be the most talented at Noraebang!
11. Through the Night - IU
For all my drama queens out there, this is the ballad for you to show off with! IU's wispy voice and gentle acoustic guitar are easy to replicate, so if you want to start off your Noraebang evening strong, practice IU's song at home!
12. New Face - PSY
It doesn't matter what song PSY comes out with, it's bound to be a hit! This song has a campy aspect that's easily replicated, making it a good song for Noraebang. In this track, the lyrics are performed half-sung, half-spoken, so your chances of doing a good rendition of this song are going to impress your family and friends!
13. Last Goodbye - AKMU
There's nothing better than crooning your favorite ballad sing-along with your friends and AKMU's Last Goodbye is the perfect track!
14. Really Really - Winner
Really, really, really...! Winner's track is really modern feeling and is sure to be a fun one to sing with your friends! Save your ballads for when you impress your family and yell out 'really really really' with your closest pals!
15. Pick Me - Produce 101
Though it isn't necessarily an 'idol' song, Produce 101's Pick Me was on the Noraebang charts this year for a month or two! Pick Me is catchy, bubblegum pop at its best!
16. All For You - Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk
From the drama Eunji (from APINK!) starred in, this track is a beautiful meshing of their voices! Perfect for those who have a lower vocal range and can't sing TWICE tracks like they want to!
17. Forever - BeWhy
Some people aren't singers, they are rappers. We've seen it time and time again within idol groups. So, hone in on those skills and perform for your pals!
18. Untitled, 2014 - G-Dragon
Netizens claimed that G-Dragon's Untitled, 2014 wasn't the song of their year, it was the song of their life! Untitled, 2014 is great for those with vocal range to show off some of their falsetto and some of their low-range too!
19. Red Flavor - Red Velvet
Sure to get you bouncing around your Noraebang room, Red Flavor is all about energy! It doesn't matter how good of a singer you are- it's about the passion for this track!
20. What are your favorite Noraebang songs?
Comment below with your favorite songs to perform at Noraebang!

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