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Harisu reveals the true reason of her divorce + how her ex-husband was tortured for marrying a transgender

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Transgender celebrity Harisu opened up about her divorce. 

On the August 1 airing of 'Video Star', Harisu spoke up about her divorce with Micky Jung and explained, "Many people think we ended on bad terms but we still keep in contact and maintain a good relationship. We're each now living our own lives."

She continued, "There are a lot of misunderstandings since we ended our marriage after 10 years. We also didn't know that we'd end up getting divorced. My mind was at ease and I just loved being with Micky Jung. But he got busy after starting a business and I got disappointed as the time he spent with me decreased. The number of chances I got to meet with my husband became too few. He also felt sorry for me so we naturally came to split up."

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Harisu also talked about how Micky Jung became a target for loving a transgender. She stated, "He was the target of criticism because he loved me but he endured all the malicious comments. He's a person who endured everything solely because he loved me."

She shed tears and continued, "Honestly, I was offered to do an embryo transfer by the doctor who was in charge of my sex reassignment surgery. I thought about undergoing the surgery but I had to be hospitalized for a year. I wanted to try but in reality, it was difficult."

She added, "I feel sorry that I didn't give it all til the end. One thing I want to emphasize is that our divorce wasn't because of his failure in business. He's not a person who did badly. He's a great person. I hope people won't say bad things about him."

Lastly, Harisu said, "I really loved him and I was really happy. So I have no regrets. We're now cheering each other on. He had to experience a lot of pain because of me but I hope only for the best for him. I hope he finds a good person and also has kids in the future."

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