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[Song & MV Review] Cosmic Girls – "Kiss Me"

Cosmic Girls


Track List:


Just one month after releasing 'Happy Moment,' the Cosmic Girls want you to pucker up for their new summer single "Kiss Me." This time it seems to be a CF, but it's a fun one.

The track is absolutely fire. It's happy, light, poppy and everything it needs to be for a summer song. It very much falls into the genre of party rock, but that is totally fine. Not every song needs to address serious social issues.

The melody is fun, and the piping synths and the guitar track help make this pop. We still have the high voices, but they harmonize well. Over the past couple of albums, the Cosmic Girls have gone from absolutely syrupy to a more filling and rounded-out sound. And I'm glad because we get great songs like this.

The raps are cute, the ad-libs are adorable, and the hook "kiss me" is repeated just enough for you not to get tired of it. Did I like this? Yes, yes I did. It's a good heart-pumping, toes-tapping, head-bobbing jam.  


After getting a glimpse of some cute surfer boys at the beach/waterpark, the girls try to capture one of the boys' attention, with aegyo, walking by, winking, etc. They lose sight of him occasionally but work to catch up to him. Intersperse individual shots with dancing, and you pretty much have this video.

The aegyo doesn't stop in this MV. Seriously. It happens in the individual shots, the dancing scenes, and everywhere in between. But then again, they were set up as kind of a cute band, so I can't fault them for that. I don't get as annoyed at it as some might.

The dancing is actually fairly good, but as I said, there's an egregious amount of aegyo. There's making a heart with the hands, winking, etc. But they move around a fair bit, changing places effortlessly, using hands and arms and all of that in their moves.

Hardly the most original video I've ever seen, but I've seen a lot, so that doesn't count for much. But it is adorable. There are some cute scenes where they're bouncing a beach ball above the guy's head as he's laying in a chaise lounge trying to relax, or they try to show off pics of the hot guy they found on their phones and it's the same guy on every girl's phone.

So, bright, colorful, and enjoyable to watch. Not to mention I really like the song, and I'm pretty sure that helps. Still, as MVs go, it's not half-bad. True, it's a CF (all the makeup is kind of a tip-off), but they're not too obvious about it. I also like the very end -- equal parts sweet and super-awkward. No, I'm not spoiling that for you.


MV Relevance.......9
MV Production......9
MV Concept..........7

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