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[Drama Review] 'My Sassy Girl' - Episodes 21-24

By beansss   Friday, July 7, 2017   8,776   632   0



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Damn, the princess really missed out on the hunky Qing dynasty prince...

At this point, I just can't help but say that if this drama hadn't bore the title 'My Sassy Girl' in the first place, if this drama had stood alone as a completely different and separate production from the hit 2001 movie, then things would have been just much better off. 

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The casting of the drama is exceptionally good. The veteran actors and actresses really know their stuff, and Jung Woong In in the role of Jung Ki Joon and Yoon Se Ah in the role of Queen Park, those folks are some of the best villain actors in this industry. Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo likewise have a very clean and comfortable chemistry. The supporting characters pull their weight, each of them very fitting in their historical drama roles with the hair, the attire, the speech, everything. So what went wrong with this production? Why aren't more people watching it?

Is it me or do they all look the same...

The title of 'My Sassy Girl' certainly has to do with shooing away viewers before they even become interested in the first place. But as we delve further into the story, the drama is straying further and further from the original movie version of 'My Sassy Girl'. So many new elements have been introduced to the classic Gyeonwoo and Geunyeo tale, and the drama's production staff is busy trying to tie all of the loose ends of the mystery before the series has to come to a wraps. Literally, there was no reason for the sprinkles of 'My Sassy Girl' the movie references in the beginning. The story in itself isn't a bad story; it's just the production and planning that struggles. 

Rich boys deserve that, yes they do.

I enjoyed the easy and clever solution Gyeonwoo came up with to "rescue" Princess Hyemyung from being married off to the Qing Dynasty. I enjoy light series which manage to resolve their heavy issues with simplistic solutions in the end. So with that big obstacle out of the way, the story should just focus on solving the main mystery behind Hyemyung's mother, right? Apparently, not. 

The romantic objectives of royal guard chief Kang Joon Young (played by CNBLUE's Jungshin) came up so late and wrong in this story. Too late and wrong. It really doesn't matter if we get glimpses of him falling for the Princess so late in the story, does it? Because they're already a couple well on their way, and there's a bigger mystery to be dealt with, one which requires Kang Joon Young to be fully immersed in his duties to be able to resolve. Da Yeon (played by Kim Yoon Hye)'s stubborn desire to marry Gyeonwoo isn't easing up any, either. You would think a girl would give up after being rejected so flat out. But with these little side romances dragging out, you can't help but worry if the story will have ample enough time to fully explain the details surrounding the former queen and Prince Choo Sung

Seriously, why you gotta wear such a scary mask... this drama is like PG-12...

Ultimately, there's a fairly good mystery hidden behind why the former queen was deposed and framed as having had an affair with Hyemyung's uncle Prince Choo Sung, why Gyeonwoo keeps having dreams where Hyemyung's younger self seems angry at him, what the beef between Jung Ki Joon and the helpers of the former queen is, and most importantly, what the heck Mr. Choon Poong (played by Shim Hyun Tak) has to do with all this! Every time it seems like he'll come forward with some answers about his identity, he laughs it off and changes the subject! Who is HE?!?! 

Anyway, in the end, I've no doubt that there will be a warm little happy ending, where Princess Hyemyung and the adorable prince reunite with their long-lost mother, all of the good characters find some sort of happiness, and Gyeonwoo and Princess Hyemyung get married. It's the stages leading up, that we're here to witness! So, for the remainder of the series, how about we toss the heavy burdens of 'My Sassy Girl' in the title aside, and enjoy the rest of the ride?


Well here it is, the most frustrating moment of all for us viewers because we KNOW WHO THIS WOMAN IS!


Plot ............................6

Performance ..............7

Pacing ..........................5

OVERALL .......................6

  1. Jungshin
  2. Joo Won
  3. Oh Yeon Seo
  4. Shim Hyung Tak
  5. Kim Yoon Hye
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