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Person who claimed Baekho was a bully admits story was made up + Baekho's acquaintances defend Baekho

The person who posted that Baekhowas a bully admitted the story was made up.

When Baekho was originally accused of sexual assault, the poster who had posted the story on their college community (before the story was posted on Pann) had also accused Baekho of bullying. However, as more and more inconsistencies came up, and more of Jeju Island natives came forward to say how good Baekho was, the original poster admitted they had made the bullying part up. They admitted that they wrote it to get more sympathy from the readers, and then apologizedfor not giving any feedback or clarifying even as the situation grew.

They friend who had originally posted about Baekho's bullying (along with the sexual harassment) did not know Baekho themselves, and had just gotten to know the story through the accuser. The accuser apologized for the three friends and her story not matching up, and said the bullying part was made up and said, "It was the wrong method, but they wrote it with intentions that people listen to my story."

The excuse, however, only came after people pointed out Baekho actually did not attend high school at all in Jeju Island (some original posts claimed he went around hitting other students in high school), and other Jeju Island natives revealed that Baekho had never been anything but polite.

Other Jeju Island natives, who proved their address by showing their identification cards, graduation photos from elementary schools, and more, all pointed out he had never bullied anyone.

All of this combined is cutting away even more at the credibility of the original accusations, which had come heavily under fire as more and more inconsistencies come up.

What do you think will happen?

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