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NU'EST's Baekho accused of sexual assault by online user, victim uploads recording of a call with him

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Baekho, also known as Kang Dong Ho of 'Produce 101' season 2, has been accused of sexual assault.

One user on an online community site accused the NU'EST member of having sexually assaulted her 8 years ago, when she was in her first year of junior high and Baekho was in his second year. They attended the same cram school, and had been on their way back home in the cram school bus. She revealed the drive back was about 30 minutes.

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[WARNING: The following description may be triggering.]

The user gave a detailed description of the incident, on the basis that other users may question her if she did not provide further details. At first, she accused Baekho of sitting next to her and holding her hand, saying, "Ah, it's cold." She stated that she'd thought it was weird, but they were close, so she brushed it off and responded, "I'm cold, too!" She then accused him of putting his bag on her thighs, then touching her thighs, her chest over her school uniform, between the legs, etc. When it was time for her to get off the cram school bus, he supposedly smiled at her while she got off, waving goodbye.

Posts by the victim/accuser friends were uploaded on Facebook as well as their school communities. They revealed they could upload proof such as their junior high graduation album.

The victim further revealed that because NU'EST had not been popular in Korea and active mostly in Japan, she hadn't seen Baekho's face everywhere and didn't have to deal with the trauma. However, as his popularity grew, she kept seeing him and had to be reminded of her trauma, which was why she decided to speak up. The victim also revealed she'd tried emailing Pledis Entertainment, asking for some sort of statement as well as Baekho possibly stepping down from 'Produce 101' if the accusations were true, but she received no answer.

She then tried to contact him herself over the past few days, but he mostly ignored her messages. 

The victim also called Baekho when he did not respond to her messages recording the call. The recording can be found in the user's original post but cannot be taken out of the community.

During the call, Baekho said he'd call in five minutes but did not, which prompted her to text him again. 

It seems Baekho has since decided not to contact her. According to the user, she and a friend decided to report the incident to the police, and upon a phone conversation with a police officer, they were recommended a visit to a rehabilitation center within a nearby hospital. The victim and her friend claimed that they would be continuing their visits to a specialist at the rehabilitation center, as well as that they have scheduled a meeting with a lawyer. They will allegedly update the results of their appointment and discussion with the lawyer next week.

Pledis Entertainment has since commented, "We are currently assessing the situation and will organize an official statement." 

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ThinkDream Tuesday, June 27, 2017

As more details are starting to appear and people who know both of them speak up...It starting to look like she is hurt because she got rejected. Plus she started to change her story....we just have to wait to know the truth

yhuser1 Monday, June 26, 2017

article "person who claimed Baekho was a bully admits story was made up + baekho's acquaintance defend baekho" should be linked here for ppl to know about the progress of whole story

Choi_Minliu yhuser1 Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This is about sexual assault, not bullying.

yhuser Choi_Minliu Tuesday, June 27, 2017

yes but the ppl involved are related. that article is indirectly/directly shows the personality of the accuser and i think it is related to the case

yhuser Tuesday, June 27, 2017

sorry for my english, not sure you understand my point or nt...btw, iam same person as yhuser1

KimBlingGyu Monday, June 26, 2017

i usually tend to believe the victim first in any case of sexual assault but this just seems so strange. i can understand why a victim might come out awhile after the fact, but there's practically no way to prove this even happened since it was so long ago

neverneverever Monday, June 26, 2017

INCONSISTENCIES FOUND IN HER ACCUSATIONS. akp should really come back and link that article here, like wtf. they trying to pull an MBC or something? you can find ALL the necessary articles of this continuous issue here: allkpop . com /artisttag/NUEST

Lim_Yu_Min Monday, June 26, 2017

what if the messages she sent him and the call she made were all actually faked? Maybe she used someone who sounded like him to make the call to, we can't be real sure especially when u r not suppose to reveal someone's phone number. And y wld she reveal the incident 8 years later when they are finally making success. Y couldn't she have revealed all of this 5 years ago when they just debuted and made the same huge success before starting onto a rough road of constant failures?

neverneverever Lim_Yu_Min Monday, June 26, 2017

The call IS real. Pledis had explained in their second statement that it did happen, but that doesn't prove that she's been sexually assaulted by him AT ALL. Also, through her entire explanations of her so-called sexual assault accusation, she'd never stick to ONE story, meaning she's highly likely lying about the whole thing. You should check out the Nu'est tag to look at updated articles of this matter. A lot of things are coming out, and Dongho seems to have the majority's favor now.

annaha0618 Sunday, June 25, 2017

its not that fans support sexual assault its the fact that she's obviously lying about it. if dongho really did do it ofc no one would be behind him. everything the girl said has had no stong backing and has been proven inaccurate over and over again. don't trust this snake who tries to ruin people's lives bc she can't get over an obsessive love

TheBoundWoman Friday, June 23, 2017

Normally I would endeavour to be more eloquent in these situation's, but to this skanky ass saesang anti daughter of a whore, I have this to say... I will find you bitch and I will fucking cut you...

reamika TheBoundWoman Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is wrong with you? You're threatening her life because she said something about your precious oppa? Get a grip.

TheBoundWoman reamika Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First of all, he isn't my 'Oppa' sweetie, I am his very protective Noona. Secondly, yes I will threaten her life because she has threatened his. Thirdly, this little psycho has already be proven just that, a psycho who is malicious and vile and just wanted attention by hurting an innocent boy who has never harmed anyone... so YES I will threaten her, but thankfully I won't have to hunt her down as the situation has been rectified. Just think about it, if your little brother whom you love with all your heart was attacked so viciously by a psychotic little girl with no life, would you not want to protect him at all costs, with everything that you are? :) Have a lovely day~ <3

skydiving_chick Friday, June 23, 2017

This is disgusting, but why Nu'est

JoniSuJu Thursday, June 22, 2017

Really bitch? Really? You dirty whore couldn't get his dick so now you gonna try to claim he raped you? OH PLEASE! Girls that make fake rape claims should get in trouble with the law!

romyponaise2 Thursday, June 22, 2017

after 8 years !!! now she talks !!! bullshit wtf where were she in those 8 years now that he showed in produce 101 and their finally NU'est becoming successful just now u remember that u have trauma cuz of him ???!!! whhat !! seriously This is so sudden if this happened 8 years ago she should have spoken 8 years ago i mean it's weird if she's not lying why she's speaking now ?? she should've done thast 8years ago i mean Guys it's 8 years !! people forget and move on after just 2 years or maybe less if someone harrased me sexualy i'll speak right away i don't wait 8years !!!

reamika romyponaise2 Sunday, June 25, 2017

My mother still has trauma after 36 years. My sister still has trauma after 6 years. You do not forget sexual assault. You do not forgive that either. Many people are ASHAMED of what happened to them and don't speak up for years because they felt they deserved it, or that people would mock them, or not believe them. Don't speak if you're not a survivor.

romyponaise2 reamika Monday, June 26, 2017

They already said that all that was planned and not true And maybe yeah ur right for people who truely exprienced sexual assault it must be difficult and hard for them to forget and they shouldn't keep silence for what happened to them but i was talking about her this girl cuz it doesn't make sence just after NU'est started to gain some attention this happened it's kinda weird but as i didn't exprienced this so i don't know how i must feel about it so sorry what u said was right i just wanted to explain that that was so sudden

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