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Choi Jin Shil's daughter posts Swings's apology message, followed by ambiguous post & photo

By beansss   Wednesday, March 29, 2017   42,832   632   0



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The late actress Choi Jin Sil's daughter Choi Jun Hee, who had expressed her frustration toward rapper Swings's past lyrics a day ago, shared a new post containing Swings's apology message sent to her inbox on her SNS, before deleting it shortly after. 

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When the controversy regarding Swings's past lyrics disrespecting the late actress's family in the song "The Uncomfortable Truth" came back up online, it seems Swings directly messaged Choi Jun Hee, with the words, "I am sending a direct message via Instagram in advance, thinking that the best thing I can do is to apologize to Jun Hee-nim in person. Jun Hee-nim, I would like to apologize for my mistake 7 years ago, which inflicted so much pain to Jun Hee, your family, and so many other people."

He continued, "Back when the song came out, those who were contacted about it's issues told me, upload an official apology, ban it from being played publicly, and not contact the family directly. That's why back then, I had thought that my official apology would be my best option, and I did so on Cyworld, which many people used long ago. I had wanted to find you and Hwan Hee (Jun Hee's brother) in person and apologize, but it seemed like since you were both so young at the time, it might be even more painful for me to show my face in front of you." 

The rapper also said that he was in the United States for work currently, and would be returning to Korea on April 4, after which he would like to meet up in person with Choi Jun Hee and her family to apologize directly.

Upon sharing the apology, Choi Jun Hee had accompanied it with the words, "Should I accept his apology," but has since deleted the post. In it's place, Choi Jun Hee has posted a new photo of an illustrated woman with a sad expression, alongside the caption, "I'm like a star that disappears gradually over time. Amidst the thousands of stars that shine bright in the pitch-black night sky, there are also thousands of smaller stars hidden among the more brighter ones. I tried so hard not to become like those [smaller] stars, but having repressed what I wanted to do for so long despite the frustration, when I think about how all of that effort will go to waste, I hate the world." 

What do you think her message means?

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unscrewedhorses Friday, March 31, 2017

He sounded sincere.  And meeting up with her in person, as well as messaging her privately, seems like the right thing to do.  I hope they can resolve this between themselves.

Chrysantheneum Thursday, March 30, 2017

I think it's big of Swing to directly apologize. Not an easy things to do

crowboy Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's weird that she asked "should I accept the apology" but I don't think she meant it seriously. I think she needs something, whether counselling or other, but obviously her thoughts are not healthy.

BigBangVIP_NYC crowboy Thursday, March 30, 2017

True I don't think she has healthy thoughts and if I were a family member or a close friend I would check in on her often.

flute2U Thursday, March 30, 2017

This should've been resolved 7yrs. ago. At the time Swing was young and dumb, along with the company he was with, they knew what they were trying to do, no better way to promote someone to make them a bigger rapper is to have controversy.  What they should've done 7 yrs. ago was, give the family all of his earnings that he made and banned that song as well with an official apology to the family. Also, the family should've sued Swing n his company for it (7yrs. ago).  She has every right to be angry n frustrated especially when the rap lyrics are still out there n she probably had to endure alot of criticism growing up hearing other's asking her about Swing n her family issues and seeing it online.  Although, I have to say that, Swing being a little older n wiser now realized that he did wrong n is trying to reach out, I give him props for it.  As for him to step down from all of his events or activities that were planned out before this controversy, well that's deep, I don't think it should stop him. Last, as for Choi Jun Hee thinking if she should accept Meeting or accepting his apology, well I think she n the family should meet Swing face to face and if they choose to accept his apology verbally after seeing him than it's on her. But, if I was Swing, remove that Rap song for good and so that this controversy never comes up again hopefully..

NORM flute2U Thursday, March 30, 2017

I think he would have met them but they were kids who probably didnt even know about the song's existence then thats why whoever advised him not to meet the family probs thought(wrongly) that it would make the kids' pain much worse. As for the family suing, i dont think they wanted to go through that ordeal, cos sometimes that's more emotional pain than it's worth, and that family had gone through a lot then & even later :(

Hikari_ELF Thursday, March 30, 2017

I believe the affected person is the only one who should decide whether it's time to forgive or not, not the public.

liviekate Wednesday, March 29, 2017

she should've waited to post that, especially not with the original caption. but i haven't lost a parent before like that, so i can't judge her actions

stopandplay liviekate Thursday, March 30, 2017

Honestly a parent dying is terrible... but a parent commiting suicide is much worse. My cousins' dad committed suicide one new years eve when they were 8 and 13 (IIRC). They are never going to get over it and neither will their mother. They can talk about their father but it's very painful, and they never ever talk about the night of his death (except for in counceling).

liviekate stopandplay Thursday, March 30, 2017

to be honest, my step father committed suicide when i was 3. so i kind of understand, but at the same time not really because it really affected all of my family member so i know how terrible it is, but i dont have any memory of it myself. everyone handles loss differently.

SugaBomb Wednesday, March 29, 2017

she might be too young to know how to forgive for something as deeply hurting as this, she is confused and still hurting so it is very hard to judge. maybe she will be able to when she matures, but if she could now, it would have made her feel better.

infiniteluv7 Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My deepest condolence to her and her family. I understand that going through that at a young age greatly affected her and her brother and that Swing's actions were horrible. But honestly there isn't much he can do besides apologizing to them in person in which he offered. But her comment on asking the public if she should accept it makes me THINK that she is seeking for attention.(I definitely can be wrong too) You can't expect him to give up on his career despite his past mistakes. I ain't even being bias. Just a honest opinion

2fat Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whoa. So I was right. She wanted attention. She does need counselling.

iisstf28 2fat Wednesday, March 29, 2017

She found support in the public, I guess it gives her some comfort... I doubt she using her mother's death like that

flute2U 2fat Thursday, March 30, 2017

Really!!! Attention! Pls. WTF! Who would go and get attention for losing more than 1 family member on a sensitive issue. What money would she gain if she got attention to do that. GTFOH!!

2fat flute2U Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not money, sympathy, support, recognition that's what it sounds like she's after. She claims to be a "small star" that feels invisible or something. A lot of young people feel that way without a tragedy in their lives.

TryBrain Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In my other post in the first article I wrote how Swings should meet up with her personally to apologize in person; which he's trying to do now. It doesn't seem like she wants to meet him at all. (I probably wouldn't either) She doesn't have to forgive him at all, but this could possibly help her recover. Or at least help her to step in that direction. The words in her post are truly worrisome. I really want her to live a happy long life after facing such a terrible tragedy.

flute2U TryBrain Thursday, March 30, 2017

I agree with you, they should meet. I think if she meet him and sense his sincerity, it will help her recover. Forgiving is a hard thing to do and easy to do but forgetting that's harder and a scar that doesn't go away. I hope they meet.

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