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Fans furious at Indian movie 'Kannayya' for blatantly plagiarizing EXO's songs for their OST

EXO's songs are plagiarized by an Indian film and fans are furious. 

Out of the five OSTs for the Indian film 'Kannayya', it's claimed that two of them sound exactly the same as EXO's songs. The second track "Dhamki Maar'' is claimed to be a plagiarized version of EXO's "Growl," and the 5th track "Baby Kanipinchav" is claimed to be a copy of EXO's "Baby Don't Cry."

As you can tell from the audio clip above, the OSTs sound greatly similar to the songs of EXO. Currently, many fans are demanding the makers of 'Kannayya' to apologize and take out the plagiarized tracks from their OSTs. 

Angered fans commented, "How can you do this to exo's songs... I am an Indian and a proud exo-l. If you wanted to create jukebox why destroy their(exo) hard work. Huh? Who gave you the right to do so you idiot??", "Gosh.. this is really plagiarism?", "APOLOGIZE TO EXO AND EXO FANS!! HOW DARE YOU COPY THAY SONG! SH*T?."

Many EXO fans have also disliked the video.

Listen to the controversial OSTs yourself (@4:20 and @14:30 above). UPDATE: Fans are also mentioning that the first song stole LC9's "Mama Beat."

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