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Suzy under fire for past 'lolita' themed pictorial

By yckim124   Friday, January 20, 2017   134,911   7,540   144



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The 'lolita' controversy has sprung up again. This time, some have taken issue with Suzy's 2015 pictorial 'Suzy? Suzy'.

The past photos from Suzy's photo book 'Suzy? Suzy' resurfaced on various online communities, and several netizens have accused the star of taking part in a 'lolita' themed photo shoot. It's claimed that the props, such as the crayon and children's book, evoke the idea of lolita. The photo of Suzy dressed as the character Maltida from the movie 'Léon: The Professional' is also accused of referring to a 'lolita' concept. Netizens also find it more problematic that Suzy is the one who picked the concept, and her photo book was meant to be a personal project. 

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Netizens displeased by Suzy's pictorial commented, "There's definitely some type of sex appeal going on here. Not necessarily lolita, but that whole prostitution/brothel vibe is present", "It straight up looks lolita to me..", "It looks lolita to me. The fairy tale books, the expressionless face, the poses, the camera angles that look like you're peeking at her... and the overall vibe of the place looks like a brothel, very dark and gloomy."

On the other hand, many netizens defended Suzy and claimed that it's an exaggeration to call the pictorial lolita themed. They commented, "The photographer himself said that there were no lolita intentions, so I don't think it's anything to talk about", "It just looks retro to me. I don't think anyone who bought the photo book considered it lolita...", "The photographer himself said that the fairy tale book was already at the barber shop because it belonged to the owner's grandson. The photoshoot at the barber shop was very spontaneous to begin with. If you check out the photographer's Instagram, none of his pictures have a lolita feel to them. I don't see Suzy acting like a child in any of these photos."

What are your thoughts on Suzy's photos? 

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whoopiedoo5 Saturday, January 21, 2017

No matter what age or gender you are, you'll be put on display as a sacrifice. Yes, the people in the "entertainment industry" have people who are pedophiles and the likes that will use these stars by any means. They see you as a display for their enjoyment cause they get to order you if you aren't properly functioned right. You are in their eyes robots that they can mess you up and tell you what to do, what to say & what to feel. Once you break that spell, you'll be alive but break down for that you finally see the light. All these stars are controlled, you cannot be where you are right now without the help of your master. That 1 to 3 million dollar doesn't happen quickly unless you do what they say and obey their rules. Suzy is an Monarch slave. There was a pictorial a year ago where she was wearing something leopard. She & Sulli and many others including guys are slaves being used and tossed by their masters.That is also why there's always the next somebody on the line to gain that fame and recognition. These stars don't automatically get messed up in their head for nothing. One of the reason why there's no Korean stars who will go or admit that they have a problem cause they too don't have anybody around them that they can fully trust. Suicide is well in their minds for some is the only way to get out of that state of guilt and shame. Stop idolizing these sell out puppets, it'll do you no good. Change needs to come within ourselves to get the devils off the chair he's sitting. Save the human race. Love one another and live in peace. This sort of distracting gets you no where in life.

anna_sueweeties Saturday, January 21, 2017

lol try hard to bring down Suzy -_-

clarissaxd Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nope not lolita just random ass pictures of suzy doing (what im assuming is supposed to be millenial type of aestheticism) random things. My god not lolita, its more innocent  & random.. like a taylor swift (what used to be here in the early 2000's) vibe

clarissaxd Saturday, January 21, 2017

*her in the early 2000s

Nutelladela Saturday, January 21, 2017

I can see how this has the "innocent and cute" vibe to it, but lolita implies the sexualizing of a little girl, and nothing about her in these photos looks like a child. She looks like a mature woman posing innocently, as opposed to a child posing sexily (which is what lolita is)

IAMMACHO Saturday, January 21, 2017

KOREAN NETIZEN IS THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD !!What 's wrong with them .... dig up thing that unnecessary...

Nutelladela IAMMACHO Saturday, January 21, 2017

let's not generalize an entire race of people based on what a vocal minority has to say.

IAMMACHO Nutelladela Saturday, January 21, 2017

thats the truth

skyfall53 Saturday, January 21, 2017

Suzy's pre-released song 'pretend' is amazing:such an addiction

aiyugwiyeoweo Saturday, January 21, 2017

ofc they bring this up when she has a solo debut *eye roll* it's 2017!! if u had something to say, wanted a recall of the pictorials or wanted her to "reflect", u should of said it in 2015! the pictorial has been out for two years, ur doing nothing but whining right now

ahaxd Saturday, January 21, 2017

Girl groups acting cute and sexy at the same time, underage girls in some of those groups, wearing school uniform, doing aegyo, wearing short shorts, zooming in on butts...... nothing wrong, but a picture of suzy with a book being expressionless, OMG WHY IS SHE DOING THAT! Lol these knetz XD

lume90 Friday, January 20, 2017

America do sexy image all the time...I thought Miss A do sexy too when they debut.  Thinking about their debut, this is no biggy

federick Friday, January 20, 2017

actually,  she looks like a crazy woman to me

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