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Cao Lu reveals her wish for the new year and FIESTAR's lack of income

By elliefilet   Saturday, January 28, 2017   49,692   2,725   0



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Cao Lu revealed her wish for the new year as well as FIESTAR's lack of income.

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On the January 28th installment of 'A Hyung I Know', Cao Lu shared her unexpected wish for the year, saying, "The celebrity life isn't stable. For 2017, my wish is to open up a dumpling house. I asked chef Lee Yeon Bok about it, and he said that the second floor of Seo Jang Hoon's building was empty."

She also discussed FIESTAR's lack of income, sharing why maybe she wanted a more stable career. Cao Lu said, "I haven't sent my parents money yet. It's been 6 years since I debuted with FIESTAR, and I haven't had any big income for 5 years. To be honest, my company doesn't like this kind of talk. For 4 years since I debuted, I had no income, but last year, I came out on a talk show and got a little money. It's still not enough though."

Maybe Cao Lu will become an idol-turned-restaurateur?

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tzuu_x Sunday, January 29, 2017

I've never understood why Fiestar aren't a success - Hyemi and Linzy's vocals are quite impressive, Jei's visuals are flawless, Cao Lu is a queen on variety shows, and Yezi's rapping is no joke. This group is the 'full package' when you combine all five of these members together. Justice for Fiestar!

dianasekarayu tzuu_x Tuesday, January 31, 2017

just quoting a korean talkshow (i forgot) "good voice doesn't guarantee success in kpop"

purplematoki Sunday, January 29, 2017

i really love fiestar, all of the members are popular in their own way yet WHY ARENT THEY ON TOP

ahaxd Sunday, January 29, 2017

The thing is that some groups have potential and some groups you can just see that they are so far from success and the quality of their music and MV is so bad that there is no reason to keep going.. .And for me FIESTAR has potential. Their songs are good they just need to stand out more. They have the chance to have a miracle success... Right before EXID got popular I thought to myself: Either EXID Up&Down or Fiestar One More gets popular. And EXID did!... As long as they dont start fading and keep going strong then it can lead to success. I like fiestar so I hope they will have it.

nami_chan Sunday, January 29, 2017

And she is one of the popular members .. now imagine the other girls of the group,  poor girls u.u.

Haneefah Sunday, January 29, 2017

I hope fiestar becomes more successful ;♥;

Winston Sunday, January 29, 2017

Based on what she said i think Fiestar will be unlikely to renew their contract when it expires since they are still not yet cleared of the debt owed to the agency, hence they are unable to send any extra money back home. she is already looking for an alternative job/career so i guess she is also preparing for her POST-Singer career move. However i think if she is a good cook she might succeed in opening a Chinese restaurant is she has some help and advice from Lee Yeon Bok, and if Seo Jang Hoon can give her a low rental for his building, for the shop.

Winston Sunday, January 29, 2017

If you think about it Cao Lu and Yezi is already the 2 more popular Fiestar members and if she is saying her income of 2016 is still insufficiant to cover her "debt" to the agency, i cant imagine how it is for the other members like Jei etc who has even less solo activities. unless Cao Lu's variety show fees are all divided between the members.

kentv Winston Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's hard to say what kind of splits there are on individual earnings. You often see groups where one member is crazy successful like Suzy or Seolhyun where they keep the majority of their individual earnings, but members get a taste because they know other members are struggling or they feel some responsibility to the group as it might have got them the attention to get some lucrative solo work offers. Some groups do this just briefly and others may do it longer. The sad truth is that other than groups at the very top most idols don't earn much more than minimum wage when the hours they work are taken into account. About a year ago there was a study that showed the average or median idol income was about $30,000 per year, but that likely meant that the bulk of idols are making much less than that amount as the handful of really successful acts pull the numbers up. For every Taeyeon that might make a million dollars in a good year, there are likely dozens of Cao Lu's that just make ends meet and maybe several more dozen that make nothing at all. Of course this is pretty common in the enterainment industry world wide where a few make very good money, but most struggle and eventually drop out of the industry entirely to work or work behind the scenes in the industry where the upside pay may not be as great, but the income is at least steady. Fiestar had a pretty good debut, but as so often happens in the industry they couldn't build upon it and take it to the next level. For every SNSD, Sistar, or G-Friend, that take successful debuts and build upon them, there are dozens of groups that debuted and disbanded before their contracts expired or that simply muddled through until their contracts expired as it appears that Fiestar is doomed to barring some stroke of incredible good luck with a song that just catches fire.

vujufuvok (Banned) Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Alla_Bord Sunday, January 29, 2017

Am sorry to here her bad news. But if company that sponsor her and or a group maybe she and other stars should have moved to other things when they do not have any action.  But to wait 6 years to long.  Maybe they have 7 year contract and could not move on.  I do not know about some restaurant dig.  Sounds to much money to borrow, then more debt and she may wind up homeless.   If young lady or man good looking, maybe do commercials or modeling, even if brand not very popular, but helps pay bills, food, and parents!  Make a living somehow some way, better then going broke with nothing to show for years of hard work.   Pains me to hear sad news about this and other human beings who some named company tell them "We will make you a star, come to us"  and then they do not like you and let these people down.    Sad sad sad.

kentv Alla_Bord Sunday, January 29, 2017

Most are bound to a seven year contract. Some can leave before then, but you usually can't work in the industry unless you buy out your contract and in some cases you still must pay off debts the company incurred training you and promoting you. That can be prohibitively expensive for most even from affluent backgrounds as such costs can add up to $100 of thousands of dollars. I think many stick it out not just due to the financial implications of leaving their contract early, but because there is always that rare chance that late in your contract you catch a break and maybe you get cast on a popular show or that you make contacts that help you get an okay job working behind the scenes after your idols days are over perhaps as a choreographer, makeup artist, sound technician, group manager, etc. The thing is that many Koreans in their 20's really struggle to make a living in regular jobs often having to work several low-paying part time jobs or a full time job that doesn't pay well land has no benefits. One reason many parents in Korea are against their kids wanting to be entertainers is that the odds are very bad that they will succeed. There are far more talented applicants than there are rewarding jobs. Some kids understand that, but still want to follow their dream, and others are delusional and overestimate their talent. I think most realize that there is a lot of luck involved even if you land at one of the better companies like the Big 3 or one of the well run smaller companies. The sad part is how many kids entrust their future to poorly run small entertainment companies where unless everything goes perfectly you were doomed the moment you signed your contract.

kyunyan Sunday, January 29, 2017

They didn't have income in 6 years of activities, and they are a group of five. I imagine how is for bigger groups that aren't very sucessfull as well.

rapmonie kyunyan Sunday, January 29, 2017

ikr !!

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