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Posted by AllK_Maknae Wednesday, December 14, 2016

[MV & Album Review] Big Bang - 'MADE The Full Album'

Big Bang

Big Bang
are, once again, setting fans' hearts on fire as they've released their 'MADE The Full Album' with three new exclusive tracks, two of which have their own MVs. Since the members have prolonged their mandatory Korean military enlistment for some time, fans are sadly accepting the fact that it will be a long two years of K-Pop without Big Bang. But Big Bang give the gift that keeps on giving with "Last Dance," "FXXK IT," and "GIRLFRIEND" right before their departure.

 "Last Dance" is simple, quaint, and easy on the ears. The song has that unforgettable Big Bang-esque vibe as the ballad crafts an unbelievable balance between melancholic and uplifting. "Last Dance" is well constructed and, as expected, goes hand in hand with the members vocal abilities. 

T.O.P's deep voice suits the song best and adds some edginess to the soft track. An increase in tempo is always a great choice in ballads, and this method adds more climax and range to "Last Dance." Get into that sentimental mood with the song below!


As always, the lyrics aren't all nonsense; they're something more unique and refreshing. Relevant to their departure for the military, the lyrics talk about "fading away" and how "the world continues to go on" despite them feeling like they are stuck in place. 

"Again today people stay in the past and the world goes on without me" is one of the most attention-grabbing line as it can imply that people will not forget Big Bang but their lives will still carry on whether or not they want it to. Big Bang's lyrics are simply moving, and "Last Dance" couldn't have been released at a better time.

While the song is great, the MV didn't do anything to captivate me as much as the song and lyrics did. At times I found myself distracted and feeling this is a tune better suited for a long car ride or just before bed. The words and sounds of "Last Dance" are enough to entertain me but the MV has very little impact! 

Unfortunately, many fans are speculating that "Last Dance" is more than just a goodbye song for the military but a farewell song to the K-Pop scene. While YG entertainment relayed no information regarding a disbandment, many fans still feel otherwise. Let's hope not! 


All sad feelings aside, "FXXK IT" has a more quirky and different sound from "Last Dance" but continues to carry a carefree atmosphere.

Taeyang's opening had me wondering if they were going to do a full song in English but G-Dragon (GD) breaks out into his classic rap that never disappoints. Like the title suggests, "FXXK IT" is the end-of-the-year party anthem that will have you tossing all your cares away, getting down and loving what you do and how you do it. 

The MV for "FXXK IT" has a real "We Like 2 Party" vibe as it shows the boys of Big Bang clowning around, frolicking through the dark streets of Seoul and reading dirty magazines in their room. As usual, their style and flair are expensive and unique. The boys are rocking some radically new hairstyles that will probably become a trend by next week. While the MV is a lot more entertaining than "Last Dance," the MV doesn't necessarily add much to the story, merely going along with the lyrics. 

Still, Big Bang showcase that living life to the fullest and having a good time is the best thing you can do. I feel the MV is a gesture to fans that they should simply enjoy the other simple things in life while they are away. However, the lyrics seem to have romantic intentions at some points before suddenly diving straight into something more sexual at others.

"FXXK IT" has that odd way of highlighting debauchery in a lighthearted way, similar to "BAE BAE," but I was hoping for something more moving with a sprinkle of attitude about life - not just a night at the club.

"Before the night is over, I want you in my arms. Real love? I think I wanna just - Don't hesitate. Hey, Fxxk it, I Love y'all." Despite the lyrics depicting a woman, the song could be suggesting the listener to have these feelings towards anything they love in general - not just a lovely person in my opinion. 

"GIRLFRIEND" has a nice live-rock band kind of feel as the track is soft but rowdy, accompanied by a light piano melody and strong drumming that couple nicely with the slow-paced beat as well. T.O.P really impresses with his singing during the bridge, not limited to just rapping. As expected, Taeyang and Daesung own the chorus and it is, without a doubt, the hook that creates the addiction for this song.

The pop-ballad is a real head-bobbing jam that effortlessly draws in listeners and gets you lost in the unforgettable voices of Big Bang. I was assuming "GIRLFRIEND" would be a song referencing their fans but it appears to be geared more towards love more than anything. While it bounces off of a love theme like in "FXXK IT," the lyrics in "GIRLFRIEND" are a bit more genuine and serious. Lyrics like "Yes, I have a girlfriend and I'm never lonely. I'm just happy looking at her" and "Cuz ain't nothing in the world compare to my girlfriend" prove my point that this song has serious intent and just swap "girlfriend" with "fans" and boom - the best love song of 2016! This song also appears to have a great connection to when men leave their lovers for the army as well.

Aside from that, I feel "GIRLFRIEND" could have also had an MV and it would have done the song a little more good. The other MVs are already rather spontaneous so I don't see why "GIRLFRIEND" wouldn't benefit from having one, too. 

Overall, the 'MADE' series evolved into something even better with the addition of "Last Dance," "FXXK IT," and "GIRLFRIEND." The album feels complete and, alongside the previous hits, offers a lot of wonderful variety. However, the MVs were a little more tame in comparison to some of their past hits, which left me feeling a little unsatisfied visually. It didn't add much to their storyline and lacked something creative that you would normally see but still maintained some of Big Bang's original style. In the end, 2016 may have been a disaster year for some, but it has been one of the biggest musical achievements and advancements for Big Bang. 

After hearing these three songs, it became clear that Big Bang have not lost their style or power in the music scene, and we can expect something marvelous once they return. Who knows, maybe their time in the military will inspire something new? Let's wish our five favorite boys the best of luck!


MV Relevance.......7

MV Production......7

MV Concept..........7





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