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Lee Jong Suk is criticized for winning Daesang and his acceptance speech

By alice101   Friday, December 30, 2016   415,623   38,559   0



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Korean netizens are unhappy about Lee Jong Suk receiving the highest award at '2016 MBC Drama Awards'! 

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When the news of Lee Jong Suk winning daesang hit online, many expressed their disapproval. One person wrote in the article comment section, " someone like him...Daesang? Did you guys watch him do the acceptance speech???" The comment got most voted up, and the person was referring to an extremely short speech the actor gave upon receiving the award. Here is the video clip of the speech: 

Lee Jong Suk's speech lasted about 40 seconds during which he thanked few people and fans. The MCs had to come and ask him to say a bit more. Lee Jong Suk then talked briefly about how he took two pills of a relaxation herbal supplement and that he was a bit sleepy and did not really add more content to his speech. Many netizens found this to be rude. 

Some people pointed out that the Daesang isn't really Daesang anymore since it was 100% based on fan votes and not on performance. One person lamented, "Kim So Yeon should've won..." earning many 'like' votes. 

Another netizen commented, "Look at all these fans defending him, saying that he has a phobia of being in the center of the attention. Even if that's actually true, it's a daesang. Surely he can muster up a bit more things to say...It's rude to be so curt."

Others were generally angry over the fact that the Daesang was determined by popular votes. One netizen wrote, "From next year, just do one award for the most popular and one for actual acting ability. This Daesang is a joke....If you do it by fan votes, of course, a young male actor will win!" 

What do you guys think about the controversy over the Daesang this year?

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Sexyelly00 Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Daesang nowadays is based on popularity?! Why is that?  I hope the awards will recognize abilities, talent and performance and will not be based on popularity alone. There are popular celebrities but not everyone did well in their dramas. Lee Jong Suk is no doubt a good actor with good acting skills, however, there were also a lot of very good dramas this 2016 and good actors who did well in their dramas and should deserve this award. Ok, so he won this prestigious Daesang award, It could've have been better if he expressed his gratefulness more by putting a bit of effort in his speech for the people he worked with, for the viewers who made the drama popular and ranked up the ratings, for the award giving bodies, and for the fans. Being on stage and talking to the publoc in front of many people is part of being an actor.

Rosel Monday, January 2, 2017

How should we put this? He really did well in his drama. He made me cry many time. He was so good in 'W', but there were more actors who deserves also the award, too. Like,  Lee Seo Jin in 'Marriage Contract'.

Nuna18 Sunday, January 1, 2017

These ridiculous criticisms made me very frustrated that I have to speak up somethings. I was watching the award that night and I think nothing wrong with either his speech or his attitude. He was polite, courstous, friendly and even admited two times that he was not good at public speaking (which I found very honest and adorable).Have you noticed his face busted out of surprise and happniness when he was named the Daesang winner? Have you seen he hold his heart right after released from the stage? Have you seen him run away from the MC of section TV to avoid the interview? If not, I suggest you to rewatch the videos before giving your harsh comments.He already thanked everyone 2 times in his prevous speechs and why did he have to do it over again with other long speech? Is crying after receiving an honor award the standard of a good actor ? Im sorry but this is really very bullshit.Poor the boy he was just being himself and did not turn on his actor mode that night. I pitied him a lot after going through the Knet comments and kept asking why he was stupidly honest, why didnt him try to put up the "facade" for that big events. Anywhoo, may be thats the reason his fans love and go mad about him (he has nearly 7mil followers on IG). The boy does not try to cover his face, nor did he try hiding his weaknesses.Some comments said that he did not deserve the award. Have they ever watched his dramas? Do they know why his dramas always had high rating and were the topic in town when airing? Why did the famous writters want him to act their scripts? Why was he called the king of chemistry? You can google his dramas to know how popular they were and if you can, please watch the "Behind the secene" to see what type of person he is, how much efforts he spent to overcome his shyness and became a compelety different person while acting.Now I know that Knet just want to find somethings to mock at, they have nothing better to do than finding the celebs' mistakes, judge them WITHOUT CONTEXT, and complain like they know very well about the concerned person. A cunning comment even wishes Jong Suk to go down to the bottom. Dont worry, the boy never thought he is on top. During the award night, he even said he is just a trash when Hyo Joo expressed her hope for him to be the winner of Deasang. But with Jongsuk's strong will, I think he will soon get out of these bullshit things, focus on his acting and make more successful projects (HE DEFINITELY DERSEVE ALL THE AWARDS HE WAS GIVEN!)(P/S:Some people said he and Hyo Joo are the same unlikable type of person. Yes, at least they are right that Jong Suk and Hyo Joo are on par. For your info, Millions of shipper are wishing day by day that Jong Suk and Hyo Joo can be come real couple!)Thank you for reading my long comment...

leejongsuk4eves Nuna18 Tuesday, January 3, 2017


leejongsuk4eves Nuna18 Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Nuna18 leejongsuk4eves Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thanks for your understanding. TBH, I am not a die-hard fan of Jong Suk but these netizzen really make me irritated with their ugly tongue. They should learn that OSCAR ACCEPTANCE SPEECH is limited to only 45s to avoid being boring

wexonex3 Sunday, January 1, 2017

Seriously? he was great in W, he deserves this award, and not just W .. the works he has done has been great .. Song Joongi won daesang, why they are not frustrated over it? -- even in Hollywood young actors win Oscars -.- so Shut up Knetz

Haru_Chan_Kanako Sunday, January 1, 2017

well... the speech itself was so short T_T i hope he could thank the diretors the screenwriters... his co-actors and actresses T_T but anyways... i love his drama this year.. "W" was really good !

jenniferbilulu Saturday, December 31, 2016

I swear if those netizens was someone I know, i would have beat his ass

crazyft Saturday, December 31, 2016

its just that the one they love didnt won so they are doing this shit oh and i honestly dont like long speeches and congratz fo JongSuk

Clara_Shark Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wtf is wrong with these korean netizens,why they always have to find faults in their celebs.ljs won an award,the drama he was in was already awesome and his acting is one thing what made it to that level,he definitely deserved it!!!!, he was probably too surprised to get that award because there were many other popular actors.k labels put so stress on these stars and then these k netizens too,get a life guys,you don't rule over your celebs,let them live too

gabviellayeonggg Saturday, December 31, 2016

why are daesang winners all getting criticized i think knetz seriously need to calm down

bibi87 Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oh, man, those netizens have nothing better to do? He was obviously in shock and you can tell he didn't assume to win. But he was polite, smiley and kind, I think nothing else matters.

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