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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 2

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, November 21, 2016   29,657   7,345   7



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Get ready to love or regret the next 57 minutes of your life. While episode one was a let down, things pick up ever-so-slightly in episode two of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea.'

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Watching this drama like...

Cheesy, cliche and everything in between, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun put on an excellent display as actors, but the storyline of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' is going nowhere so far. Still jumping between time eras, the drama is trying to tie together events from the past and the present, all the while focusing on a bit of Lee Min Ho's character's backstory involving his mother and her disappearance.

The "action scenes" in this episode are comical and intended to be that way but I still can't take them seriously. I did enjoy Jun Ji Hyun's fight scene are her incredible strength (as predicted) turned out to be of great use. Her imitation of Bruce Lee was hilariously on point! But I can't get over how pathetic a band of thugs on the hunt for Lee Min Ho came out to be. It just makes me wonder what the point of adding in these chase/fight scenes was anyways?

The face you make when that Korean chicken is too spicy!

Lee Min Ho will never stop being a con artist which adds an extra dose of humor to this drama. His cocky ego and sly way of talking make him entertaining to watch, especially as he struggles to communicate with Jun Ji Hyun. I also couldn't resist taking a moment to think deeply about his description of loving a game in which you "surrender." Point taken.

Two scenes that actually had me laughing this time around are when Lee Min Ho lets the eccentric mermaid spend the night at the hotel and after he showers, Jun Ji Hyun starts acting "coy and lubricious" while brushing her hair behind her ear and slightly smirking. I don't understand how Lee Min Ho could question if she is "horny" if he keeps dressing her up in sexy clothing.

Was it you who left the seat up??!

Aside from that, I also couldn't resist chuckling at how Lee Min Ho visits a church where he is portrayed to be a missionary man by the church group and pastors. While questioning who the mysterious Jun Ji Hyun is, he simply states she suffered an accident that made her mute and he "wishes he could hear his wife's voice again." 

But be careful what you wish for or you wife might suddenly start saying "Hello, it is nice to meet you. It is rather hot today, isn't it?" Jun Ji Hyun has a keen habit of disobeying Lee Min Ho spontaneously and making him a spectacle which fills joy in my troll heart.

However, because of Lee Min Ho's trickery, we cannot forget he is being pursued by some clowns this drama tries too hard to portray as roughens. His idea of returning to Seoul will definitely lead to some more chaotic moments, but I'm hoping it will actually branch out into creating a real storyline for viewers to enjoy and for me to work with. His mother really stirred up some mysterious airs about herself and I question her sudden disappearance.

Does his teeth only disgust me or...?

I recommend keeping a close eye on the flashbacks to the Joseon Era, as the other nobleman seems to be scheming and leaving ambiguous clues here and there. I'm guessing the return to Seoul will help his present character be revealed, sooner or later, but I am certain history will repeat itself and this dastardly nobleman will carry out his life with the same sinister plan against the mermaid.

The climax of this episode, if that is what you want to call it, was after Jun Ji Hyun is jumping off the cliff with Lee Min Ho in hand and realizing she wants to stay by Lee Min Ho's side. As they descend into the deep depths of the ocean by the cliff, the two share a wonderful underwater kiss. 

Because this wasn't cliche at all.

As if frozen in time, the cinematography for that moment effortlessly captures the untouched elegance of being underwater as she suddenly transforms into a mermaid. The kiss scene was well done and their quickly-blossomed relationship is necessary in adding a little more escalation to this slow and steady drama. However, I am still hoping this romance won't fall flat with more eye-gouging cliches.

The storyline is becoming more in depth and making sense as it gradually goes on and is becoming tolerable. Finally, the nameless mermaid begins to speak and her true identity of being a mermaid is revealed in the end. It obviously has me, and the viewers, wondering how Lee Min Ho will be responding to all of this - but, sadly, it is the only anticipation I have for episode three.






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JYJRainbow Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I couldn't help but noticing that how much that scene resemble  the idle mermaid, song jae rim and boa drama

nguyenthao123456 Tuesday, November 22, 2016

trailer ep 3 23/11 

nami_chan Monday, November 21, 2016

wtf? 5.6? it deserve more :/ ,whatever

LovelySerenity Monday, November 21, 2016

I feel like as a con artist he's really being unusually caring. Also the antagonist is Soon Deok's father from Scarlet Heart!

alicehalf Monday, November 21, 2016

There is too much cringy, awkward and too long parts. The visuals are really great (big budget here for this drama), but the story and the playing and the execution are really bad to me, this is too "bling bling". It deserves this 5,6/10.

shyloone Monday, November 21, 2016

I liked Ep 1 i didnt think it was a let down at all

yekky Monday, November 21, 2016

5.6?? seriously...

The End



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