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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 4

By beansss   Tuesday, November 15, 2016   9,464   1,548   1



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'Entourage' episode 4 starts off a little slow, the slowest this drama has been yet. It all kind of falls into a standstill when, toward the beginning of the episode, the management company CEO Kim Eun Gap (played by Jo Jin Woong) gives up on getting the new movie role for Cha Young Bin (played by Seo Kang Jun). For a lot of us who had been entertained by the big question of whether or not Young Bin was going to score the movie or not in the last episode, that was a bit of a pooper so early on this episode, wasn't it? 

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So there were like 8 cameos the last episode and like 2 this episode... but does this guy make them even out or what!

But duhhh, of course these guys weren't going down without a fight for that black-tiger-hero movie role! Here's where you're going to have to forgive me on trying to translate the title of the movie from Korean to English: 'The Imjin War Terminator'? It's actually a famous, Korean fantasy novel series by author Lee Woo Hyuk that in the drama I guess they're trying to make into a movie. Anyways, what a relief to finally see Young Bin getting off his ass and doing something for himself for once, right? He scored the movie role not because of Eun Gap or Lee Ho Jin (played by Park Jung Min) or his luck or whatever, but because of his determination to do it. And when Young Bin decides to get off his ass and pursue something he wants, he has a side effect of getting Ho Jin to take action, too! The whole first half of the episode was a lot of sad sulking and mulling over the fact that the movie role was a goner, but man, was that triumph at the end sweet all the more because! And in the closing moments of this episode, we have Eun Gap complimenting Ho Jin on a job well done, for the first time! I told you, Eun Gap really does care about Ho Jin's future as a management guy in this industry! 

Can't you just feel the affection for her husband dripping from her eyes?

But about Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo)'s obsession with the fortune teller's instructions this episode... I can't help but feel like it was a little forced. They were trying to take this drama's comedy up a notch, from the simple little banters among the guys to a more developed side story in this episode - and it didn't really work. So Cha Jun's kind of a sucky actor and everyone loves poking fun at his too-old-for-his-age face... anything new to add to the mix? I personally think Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi)'s comedic scenes are much more scene-stealing so far in the story than Cha Jun's. I just want poor Cha Jun to find his way, whether it be in his career, with his family/friends, or finally relieving some of that sexual frustration with a woman... 

You'll never take my name tag while I'm alive! 

I do want to take a moment here to address the negative viewer ratings this drama is getting in Korea. I know I touched on it before in a previous review, about how the generic Korean audience isn't going to tilt their hats this drama's way because it doesn't have that typical, predictable romance plot, but I just don't want any more people to become discouraged from watching this drama. If I had to guess at it, I'd say 'Entourage' is getting low ratings mostly because no one is willing to give it a try. Being a fan of the light and fun comedy/drama, I want to argue that if people were to really give it an honest try, they'd find this enjoyable and not at all the flop they're trying to claim it is, without even giving it the time of day. As for what efforts tvN will try to make to bring this up and out of the dumps a little more, we'll have to wait and find out. I don't want to see anything fundamentally changed, though. I want to see more of what they're doing right: good, believable characters; all kinds of funny and fluffy and crude jokes scattered throughout the story's sequence; hearty friendship; making the audience smile and frown with the characters every other minute; all that good jazz. 

OMG it's like Turtle walked right out of those walls!

Today's review is a short one, wrapping things up with a good ol' high five with you all (figuratively) for Young Bin winning the director over with his ingenuity, and hoping we get to see the other characters twirl with more interesting, more entertaining moments of their own. When next week gets here, we'll be seeing a lot of So Hee x Young Bin, since we never got to find out if she was telling the truth about her not dating Kang Ha Neul. Young Bin chose to do the movie mostly out of his desire to work with the renowned director, but he can't exactly shrug off the fact that he'll be working with his childhood friend and first love, who may or may not be lying to him? But we know by now that Young Bin is strong. He's really good at shrugging off negative events in his life, and if he can't let it pass, like that movie role, then he'll find a way to make it work in his favor. Also, what's the deal between Eun Gap and his co-CEO boss lady? Will she turn out to be an antagonist we thought we didn't really have in this drama? Is Ho Jin really going to cruise his way through that cute little side romance of his? (Uhh, yeah right.) There are more questions I'm forgetting about, but oh well, until next time!  

Come on, Young Bin. You know you want to do the black-tiger-hero-who-saves-Joseon/Korean-avenger role. 




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meanjoke Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I really like the drama but I think there's no way to save this drama's ratings. Dramas are a family thing but that's just not family oriented at all. I'll just be happy if this drama can end its 16 episodes because it probably costs a lot so they'll probably try to cut it short. Then, I prefer Kwangsoo's character to Lee Dong Hwi's. I think Lee Donghwi's character is a huge plothole himself, he's a sloth but he graduated college ? And a movie college ? He doesn't have any passion for cinema or acting. I don't get it.



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