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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 3

By beansss   Monday, November 14, 2016   14,285   1,591   1



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The cool thing they make work in 'Entourage' episode 3 is that they literally take one simple question - will Young Bin (played by Seo Kang Jun) get the movie role or not? - and they drive the whole, 60-minute episode all the way through, with just that one question! It's not slow, it doesn't get redundant one bit, and it manages to keep egging you in your mind, all while you enjoy the little laughs and jokes scattered around that plot-driving question. 

I still don't understand why he was hoppin' and dancin' like a squid or something here lol.

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Focusing on the question at hand. Will Cha Young Bin get to play the male lead role in the big new film opposite Ahn So Hee (played by Sohee), going against big name actors like Yoo Ah InLee Min HoLee Jong Suk, and Kim Soo Hyun? One thing is for sure for anyone watching this drama. We finally understand what the whole, 'This actor is in talks for this film or drama', articles are about. As someone who writes up those articles, I can appreciate what these things may or may not mean behind the scenes, and how stressful it can be for the actors and actresses in question. With that being said, we actually don't even get to find out the answer to our fatal question in episode 3. The whole episode flies by, but in the end, the drama will have us wait until the next episode to see if Young Bin will score the big film. Of course, as a collective audience, we're all rooting for Young Bin, right?

Song Ji Hyo says: "Why the hell would anyone want to see Cha Young Bin when you can see Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun instead?"

The issue between Kim Eun Gap (played by Jo Jin Woong), Lee Ho Jin (played by Park Jung Min), and Young Bin is that Eun Gap is always trying to keep Young Bin in the dark about what's happening while Ho Jin, being Young Bin's best friend/manager, has a hard time lying to Young Bin. And these things become more complicated by the fact that all three of them mean the best for one another. Like I mentioned in my last review, Eun Gap is really not a bad guy here. He really means the best for Young Bin because he cares. He does. He wants Young Bin to have a successful career and he doesn't want to worry Young Bin; he wants to take care of Young Bin like he's a gentle, delicate little flower, and he doesn't want Young Bin to fret over all of the stressful talk going on behind the casting issue. 

On top of that, Eun Gap cares about Ho Jin, too. We see Eun Gap shouting at Ho Jin a lot and bossing him around (telling him to lie to Young Bin about the casting process), but it's all because Eun Gap wants to see Ho Jin become a good, well-rounded manager and key player in the entertainment industry. The scene where Eun Gap and Ho Jin eat cup ramen together was touching, personally. So Eun Gap is actually trying his best here, and we can obviously see that. But we can also obviously see, how lying to Young Bin to try to relieve him of the stress is not the right way to go. Young Bin is a tough guy. He's also a positive and laid-back guy. We constantly see him shrugging off the bad news he keeps having to face with a strong will. But when will we actually see Eun Gap, Ho Jin, and Young Bin working things out and being honest to one another? 

Eun Gap: "Why are you watching porn during a meeting?" Joy: "I'm not. It's just a K-pop MV" Eun Gap: "Exactly"

On a side note, the drama kept dropping little easter eggs(?) here and there about a theoretical visual ranking among the four best friends. If you had to rank the four based on their looks, how would you do it? We have Cha Young Bin, Lee Ho Jin, Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo), and Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi). Let me know what your ranking is - especially the last three, seeing as it only makes sense to put Young Bin first. 

Joking in this episode got played up a little more, in my opinion. The four guys joke around and tease one another more blatantly, and the jokes and comedic moments are fitted in so well in between important lines and plot sequences. Some of the little side moments that occurred in the episode entertained in their own fun ways, like the new crewneck Turtle was trying to promote. I liked the design, personally. The episode also briefly touched on Turtle's struggles with money, and how he always borrows from the people around him because he's jobless after all. How will the carefree, cruising-through-life character that is Turtle find a way past his financial situation? (But he's so funny and sarcastic and cynical - this role fits Lee Dong Hwi even better than his 'Reply 1988' character! Props!)

Perfect casting. Lee Kwang Soo approves. 

Another note I'm sure you're all heated about: did So Hee lie to Young Bin or not? It's impossible to look into So Hee's mind from the drama's perspective. She says she's not dating Kang Ha Neul, that it's just a rumor. She also says she wants Young Bin to be the one to work on the movie with her, but right before she told him that, she was partying it up with Yoo Ah In. As an audience, do you want So Hee and Young Bin to work things out and get together? I'm still not sure at this point. I'm leaning just a little toward Young Bin's naive first love being shattered, even though it may be painful, so he can move on with his life and find new romance. We'll have to wait a little longer to see how this relationship plays out. 

Overall, I'm enjoying the light-hearted entertainment that this drama is turning out to be. Everything is great, and the only thing that's keeping me from giving it's cinematography a higher score is that nothing about the cinematography has really wowed me so far, but nothing's really bothered me either, for that matter. Scene transitions are fairly generic and straightforward. One setting to another, and usually, a similar set of settings per episode: in Eun Gap's company office, in the car, at a high-end social party, in Young Bin's apartment. Some cameos do a better job of giving us vital information in the story than others. The real brownie-point-earners in cinematography? Why the little moments, of course! The bromantic bed scene with Young Bin and Ho Jin. That rattling old car Ho Jin drives. Eun Gap's shimmy with his phone calls. Let me know if you guys find any good cinematography moments I may have overlooked. Finally, to wrap up, I'll leave some final thoughts for the forthcoming episodes. Am I the only one still looking for some loose ends tied with Ho Jin and his ex-girlfriend? How about something other than Kwangsoo's old-for-his-age looks to poke fun at? 

Now turn around and cuddle!




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laeiya88 Monday, November 14, 2016

The manager was happy to hear that interior designer didn't have a bf ... thats why he was hopping like squid ...he was expressing her happiness..... I bet the one who is reviewing  about this drama isn't familiar with asian cute gestures lol



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