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[MV & Album Review] 100% - 'Time Leap'

By AllK_Maknae   Sunday, October 16, 2016   13,241   1,695   2



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The boys of 100% have returned to the stage for a "Better Day" off their new album 'Time Leap.' Although returning as a 5-member group after spending some time away from the music scene, it was well worth the wait as they boast more charisma, enhanced vocals and a new, powerful image.

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1. Better Day

2. Cause U

3. No Goodbye

4. Not Today

5. Ugly

"Better Day" contains a strong instrumental and a hook that has a lot of interesting rises not only in the tempo but also in the vocals. The blaring trumpets, strong piano melody, and rough yet elegant violins easily make this song astounding. I can easily see this as an epic ending to any anime (Please Japan, make this a thing).

The electric piano's synthetic notes lead the song into a despairing sound as the boys shout "I'm severely in pain, too" and "I know my mind is crazy but I'm going to find you." The way Rokhyun and Hyukjin belt those severely elongated high notes sends absolute shivers down any listener's spine. "Better Day" is sensational and quite the game changer.

The MV is a different story. With the MV being rather simplistic, it centers on a beautiful girl and has a few blurred and spiraling effects, which portray their unsettled emotions and thoughts. The dark flashes of red and purple colors mixed with the dimly lit sets constructs a mystifying vibe. Check it out in the MV below!

Aside from the aesthetics, the song is better enjoyed during a live stage as the choreography is highlighted better and more astonishing than in the MV. It isn't to say the MV doesn't do this song justice, but live performances easily pull you in more than watching them stare longingly into emptiness does.

The rest of the album transforms into something more delightful and high-spirited. Of course, Rokhyun's higher vocals stand out among the members in their second track "Cause U." Once again another girl is driving their emotions wild with lyrics like "I think of you, even when I meet other girls," and "I only think of you, even when I'm loving someone else." The boys seem to really want to melt hearts with this upbeat ballad. Like "Better Day," it shares an addictive electric piano melody but less bold and dark.

Soon after 'Time Leap' leaps back into a more mystique vibe in "No Goodbye." The song has a more severe opening with dramatic violins and light ad- libbing from both Rokhyun and Hyukjin. As the song continues, it shifts from a serious tone into something more gentle.

Like the other songs, "No Goodbye" takes making a great break for Chanyong's raps into consideration. His rap is well incorporated with the brassy trumpet instrumental in this song.

The boys bring back that anime OST vibe again with "Not Today." The song pushes more sounds from both the electric piano and guitar, accompanied by steady-paced vocals and elongated notes. The song isn't as reliant on a heavy use of instrumentals like before, making the song a bit average with a familiar style like any other ballad.

100% wrap things up with the soft, angelic track "Ugly." It is clearly Rokhyun's time to shine as he belts out high notes and sings effortlessly alongside the blissful melody. Despite what the title says, this song is quite soothing and easy on the ears, making it a great way to bring peace to the album's ending.

After hearing the various tracks, the album is hellbent with continuing its ballad concept. Variety is the spice of life, but an exception can be made for this well-constructed album. Their comeback was long awaited by many and they delivered something worthwhile! With "Better Day" being the more epic piece on the album, 'Time Leap' offers something that any fan, or new fan, can easily enjoy.


MV Production.......7
MV Concept............7
MV Relevance........8

Album Production..7
Album Concept.......8


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thefabcat92 Sunday, October 16, 2016

they are slaying it with vocals!

SingForYou9 Sunday, October 16, 2016

my boys <3 thanks for reviewing !

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