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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 9

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, October 24, 2016   18,692   3,480   5



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There is lots to discuss as episode 9 of 'The K2' had viewer's blood boiling with rage at the utter insanity that occurred throughout. While many scenes sent us into a tizzy, none irk me more than the ones involving Choi Yoo Jin's brother, Chairman Choi Sung Won.

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Let's not beat around the bush and get right to it - Choi Sung Won is manipulative and will downright laugh in your face about it. Disgusting. While I was channeling my inner mean girl and thinking "he is a fugly ----, do not trust him," he just kept getting worse and worse. 

First, I was completely caught off guard when he appeared right before Anna shouting she is his neice (exposing that she is Jang Se Joon's daughter indirectly). Then he pretends to be all sweet to Anna, taking her out to eat and to a real psychologist to diagnose her, but then he kidnaps her! The whole buildup to this point is anxiety inducing. Over all, that huge, wrinkly smile of Choi Sung Won just rubs me the wrong way. 

But surprise, surprise, there are more reasons not to trust Choi Sung Won! The kidnapping is staged, a total WTF moment, and it is revealed he is simply rubbing ownership of Anna in his sister's face. Sibling rivalry? I think NOT! Je Ha doesn't let his stoic demeanor or guard down so easily and discovers Choi Sung Won's obvious motives. Anna isn't just a shield to protect him and his JB Group company from Choi Yoo Jin, Anna is the sword to take her down. It is even worse that he places her on this imaginary pedestal that has her fooled from the getgo. 

Because of this, Anna's character seemed to do a complete 180 which I don't understand all that well. The decision to have her become more vocal and equipped with passive-aggressive commentary has you questioning if she miraculously got over her anxiety and social phobias or simply faked it all along? It is pretty shocking how quickly she is breaking out of her shell, but I am happy nonetheless. 

Speaking of shocking, it was a pretty shocking scene when K1 announced that no one could leave the safe house without dying. Luckily for us, 'The K2' didn't leave it on a cliffhanger this time, revealing that anyone who knows Anna's true identity is doomed to die. I feel this rather casual conversation was necessary to spark the flame in Anna to have her start fighting back. She seems to be taking things (or at least wanting to) into her own hands, but she doesn't see how easily manipulated she is just yet by Choi Sung Won. Thank heavens she has Je Ha.

But some good things did come from this staged kidnapping. I speak for everyone when I say this director knows a thing or two about romance. Running both smoothly and humorously, fans hormones exploded with joy as not only do Je Ha and Anna get close (real close!) but also even K1 and J4 sparked up a lot of hot romance between each other. Although I was hoping to have K1 all to myself, you may have him for now J4. 

J4 stole mah man. The real tragedy here.

While K1 and J4's romance seemed to run smoothly, 'The K2' teases us more and more with the slow and steady development of Je Ha and Anna. It is what keeps viewers addicted since they haven't had a chance to become close yet - except for that moment on the beach. The walkie-talkie scene was the romantic redemption I spoke about from the "resuscitation kiss" from episode 4. 

YoonA (Anna) did an outstanding job in portraying a young lover's heart! Staring into the walkie talkie, wondering if what you're saying is the right thing, loss of sleep and staring into the distance. It is like the walkie talkie is the closest thing to Je Ha and she holds it so tightly in her bed while whispering "Good night." Downright precious. 

"What are you wearin-- I mean Good Night!"

Je Ha seems to be discovering his feelings for Anna in a more rough manner. Despite the objective of his revenge, it seems Je Ha's reasons are no longer solely revolved around Raniya. The scene where he has a night terror and sees Anna's dead body instead of Raniya's is a clear sign he wants to protect her now more than ever. 

Then he leaps forward and hugs her powerfully. I have never been hugged tightly with a hand behind my head before (which is a real protective trait if you ask me) so I can see why Anna was swooning yet startled all at once! 

Let us not forget,'The K2' is an action packed drama after all so the romance was put to a halt for a more serious moment. While the only sweat-inducing scene was the chase during the staged kidnapping, the real action is in the words. 'The K2' created some thought-provoking dialogue during Choi Yoo Jin and Je Ha's meeting. Je Ha wants to prevent another casualty like Raniya's but Choi Yoo Jin sheds some light on his morals: "If all the wrongdoers in the world are Park Gwan Soo and the victims are Raniya, then I was a Raniya too." Hold up - Choi Yoo Jin, a victim? 

As much as we want to roll our eyes, this is another way of realizing in someone else's viewpoint you are a victim. The dialogue continues with "Children of wolves still grow up to be wolves" and "Wolves aren't bad just because they eat sheep." It really sets the viewer into a deep state of thought. 

This makes 'The K2' more impactful because now viewers are debating if everyone in the game of politics are wolves or is there one lone sheep? If there really is a sheep, is it Anna or someone else? She is the daughter of a wolf, isn't she? A show that gets you caught up in your own emotions and morals is a job well done. 

Ignorance is bliss. Just don't step in any bird poop, Anna!

Overall, things are getting heated and fast. Choi Sung Won is pushing Anna, whether we like it or not, into succeeding in her revenge. Je Ha is learning that his life isn't tied to just Raniya's death anymore and Choi Yoo Jin is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. 

While some may feel sorry for Choi Yoo Jin, I'm anticipating how the show will reveal her downfall in future episodes. However, something tells me she may come out unscathed. 




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onlyoona530 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wow! the episode 9 was so interesting and kawaiiii ~~ good job!

dc222a Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I find most of the characters on this show either unlikeable or annoying. I feel like the show is all style and no substance, tbh. And that's a shame since it has a great cast, esp Ji Chang Wook.

beautiful_flower Tuesday, October 25, 2016

it is just soooooooooooooooooooo cute !!

_but_now_there_a Monday, October 24, 2016

ji chang wook always play a role in the action drama ... should vote in the military special forces, otherwise it would be embarrassing because everyone praised his good looks and his body

HAWKEYE56 Monday, October 24, 2016

This is simply a well done film, everyone involved deserves a big congratulations no matter how it ends. YOONA definitely deserves the spotlight now, she is stepping up big time.

The End



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