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The cast of 'Doctors' give their thoughts on finishing up the drama

By beansss   Monday, August 29, 2016   42,995   7,073   0



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On August 29, SBS released a behind the scenes clip of the cast of 'Doctors', who one by one gave their thoughts on the drama coming to an end!

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Park Shin Hye first shared, "The day I never thought would come, the last day of filming has arrived. I'm reminded of when I filmed the first few episodes in a high school uniform, and in my memory, I got hit a lot that first day. I got hit by my teacher, I got hit by my dad... but I was happy that the viewers gave us as much love as I got hit, and I'm happy that I got to live as Hye Jung throughout filming. Just like how Hye Jung grew as a person after meeting Ji Hong, it was a time for me to grow as a person, from meeting all of the actors and crew members on set. And another reason this drama was special to me is, that I got to reunite with some of the staff members that I've worked with in the past. Because of that, I wanted to do better, I kept getting greedier, so I did overdo some things, but I was able to achieve good results through it, so I think I'll remember it for a long time. Thank you to all of the staff members who worked so hard in the heat, and thank you to all of the viewers who loved 'Doctors'." 

Kim Rae Won then took over with, "Today is the last day of filming. It's both relieving and disappointing. I tried out a sweet character for the first time in a while, and I think I'm still okay at it. We spent tiring nights filming surgery scenes, not just me but all the staff members. But we were able to wrap up thanks to your love. I'll greet you again in the near future with another bright and cheerful image."

Lee Sung Kyung said about finishing up the drama, "It was a big deal for me that I got to work with such great sunbae actors, and on a set with such a great environment. I learned so much, and I was the #1 joker on set, but everyone looked after me with a loving heart, so I was able to film happily. I'm thankful that even though Seo Woo lacked in many ways, people still related to her and loved her. I'll greet you with a better image in the future." 

Finally, Yoon Kyun Sang relayed, "We've wrapped up filming for these past few months, suffering from the heat, and using difficult words during surgery, but I was happy. I received a lot of love, and had a great time thanks to that. I'm relieved that no one was hurt on set, and no one got sick on set. I'll be greeting you with more pieces in the future after this, so when the time comes, please love me as much as you've loved me for this piece. Thank you for all of your love." 

It's really, really over now, folks! Last but not least, check out the newly released making film, below!

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CDOCOOLS Tuesday, August 30, 2016

need to finish the drama still, but overall has been good

CDOCOOLS Tuesday, August 30, 2016

O M G :o the kisses between Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye.. Is Kim Rae Won shy in kissing PSH .??. LSK YKS are so cute..

The End




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