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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 10

By eric_r_wirsing   Friday, August 5, 2016   24,373   6,051   4



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If I do this right, I could probably look like the Joker

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Congressman Choi faces down Joon Young, telling him to learn some manners. Ten minutes before the awards ceremony is supposed to start, Joon Young fights with his mom and leaves. Choi decides to send his wife home as she is sick. Noh Eul recognizes the Congressman as the prosecutor who fixed the hit-and-run case with her dad so she saw no justice for his death. She makes the decision to run him down with her car the same way. Foiling her plans, Joon Young pushes him out of the way; she swerves and crashes into a support pillar. After a stint in the hospital, she prepares for a date with Joon Young as he arrives with new clothes for her. As he goes to bring the car around, his cancer lays him low and our heroine is arrested for attempted murder. He gets home, and they lock him in his room to prevent any more damage to his career. Ji Tae yells at his mom for pressing charges against Noh Eul as well as suing her 3 years ago for investigating illegal funds at their company. But, from bad to worse, Joon Young's entertainment company refuses to help Noh Eul. Joon Young's mom comes to comfort him and get him to a hospital...

At first I thought it was Choi who relished getting himself in trouble. Now I know it's not just him. It's difficult to hate him just because of the way he tries to interact with his family. They're like his smokescreen, almost: "Don't look at what I'm doing wrong here, look at my smiling family."  I know there has to be a reckoning, this being the melodrama that it is, but that time has not come.

Because nothing says "I've been hospitalized" like doing your hair.

Choi's wife seems just as bad as he is. And we learn it's all her fault that things turned out this way. Joon Young is pushed away in favor of another because she cheated on hubby. Not only that but also she set about ruining Noh Eul's life, putting her on the run from loan sharks, setting her up for an epic confrontation with Ji Tae's family. This is just too rich. It was all predestined, and much of the blame seems to rest solidly on her shoulders.

Noh Eul is the pawn in all this. As I said, this was all set up elaborately, so that no one's hands are clean. She got pushed around earlier, and the Choi family is the source of most of her problems. I have a feeling "Hyun Woo" will come to her rescue, pulling some strings to get her out of jail. Will Ji Tae then reveal everything? Or at least as much as he knows? And how will she feel about him once she knows?

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone." -- Anthony Burgess

Joon Young is kind of a puzzle. But he was mentioning that he wanted to act out before he dies. Now it seems like he wants to be loved before he is gone. I know Kim Woo Bin was apologizing for the drama, which started me thinking how much worse can it get? What could be worse for him than to lose Noh Eul and tank his career while going into remission and actually having to live with the consequences? Don't get me started -- I can think of all sorts of jacked up scenarios.

Again another tightly packed episode. They're starting to become more and  interesting, with ridiculous big reveals that explain everything. This one was actually as awesome as it was silly, as we now have several things on the table. My only problem is now that everything is out in the open, where do we go from here? I'll stay tuned if you will.




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iman13 Saturday, August 6, 2016

It may have started a bit slow, but this week's episodes were really touching... I hope this drama begins to do better next week

skyfall53 Friday, August 5, 2016

What a great drama (movie look-alike) We as an audience are fortunate to be able to watch something this good: 'Uncontrollably Fond'<3

aisya407 Friday, August 5, 2016

this week episodes just make me crying a river again + with the new ost by hwanhee -love is hurt. im hurting too 😭😭😭😭

hana_sakura Friday, August 5, 2016

The article made me think of some things. Although it wasn't shown in the preview for the next episode, I think Ji Tae will be the key to unfolding the truths, because he knows everything. He might rescue Noh Eul, though we did see that Joon Young is the one that meets Noh Eul in the cell. But maybe either one of them will free her. Can't wait til Noh Eul finds out who the real killer of her father is, because they've met before xD

The End




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