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Yoochun heads in for police questioning for sexual assault cases + 1st alleged victim re-files case

By elliefilet   Thursday, June 30, 2016   136,811   6,077   460



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JYJ's Yoochun was spotted on his way to the Gangnam Police Station on June 30.

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The idol star, who is currently serving in the military, was summoned for questioning concerning four cases of sexual assault filed by four different alleged victims. Yoochun is reported to have looked downtrodden and extremely nervous on his way to the police station, where he was also met by press for an interview.

Though there were numerous questions by press, Yoochun simply stated, "Firstly, I apologize for causing so many people worry. I'll submit to police questioning with integrity."

Channel A has further reported that the first victim who filed a sexual assault claim against Yoochun only to withdraw her suit has decided to re-file her case. She's also requested the police for a strong penalty against the JYJ member. 

On top of questioning about the sexual assault cases and his countersuit for false charges and blackmail, Yoochun also submitted a DNA sample, which will be used to test against underwear filed as evidence by the first alleged victim. 

As previously reported in the ongoing cases against Yoochun, woman A filed a report for sexual assault and went onto cancel it, B reported a sexual assault last year by calling the authorities, and C and D have also claimed rape. All the cases involve an adult entertainment bar/establishment, and all the women claim to have been attacked by Yoochun in a bathroom.

Watch a video of Yoochun's appearance at the police station below.

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wjngoowon Saturday, July 2, 2016

DEAR GOD, Why is there so much negativity & hate in people's mind & heart?? What goes around, comes around. The negativity/hate you sent out into this universe will engulf your life. You have to pay for your negativity. The moment you send hate, you are bringing your soul energy level down down down. Next time if something bad happens to you, just remember it's because of your negativity. It's good to follow news but DON'T INDULGE in gossip, slander, judging & hate. If you support him, comment "I support him". If you don't support him, comment "I wish the truth will surface soon". Don't prolong the discussion unnecessarily and waste yours & others time. Life is simple, don't complicate it unnecessarily. Live & let live, don't rub your opinions on others & don't think you're right either. I suggest you all start reading philosophy & expand your mind towards love & positivity rather than wasting your time in dissing people/celebrities.

lovelynnnnnn Friday, July 1, 2016

Innocent or not, there is still a high chance of being nervous in front of a bunch of reporters wanting to know what really happened. This is completely different from the usual question of what celebs get asked about. There is no way in hell, that you can be super composed during such a frustrating time. And if you are really composed and relaxed it may seem that you don't really care for what is happening. Now, to me, that's just being a total jack ass. Acting all smug and thinking you're the best and nothing can touch or hurt you.. please. So being nervous to me is normal. Even non guilty people are nervous when it comes to serious cases. And I'm saying that he is or that he isn't. I'm just waiting for all the reports that's going to be up and about in the next couple of months, and see whether or not the allegations against him are true.

alexelia Friday, July 1, 2016

Good luck, Yoochun.

WG6_Slay Friday, July 1, 2016

Whether he is found guilty or not, his career is pretty much over. Park Si Hoo for example, was accused for raping a lady at his apartment when she lost her consciousness in 2013. She later withdrew the claims for "unknown reasons". Therefore, he wasn't found guilty. He was away from the entertainment industry for 2 years and his comeback was through a drama air on a less well known cable channel. In summary, until now he is pretty much away from the mainstream entertainment scene. In comparison Yoo chun, has 4 ladies suing him and all these happened at a salon while the ladies were fully conscious.

ChangF00d Friday, July 1, 2016

He was my second bias in TVXQ. I really hope these allegations aren't true, but if they are I hope justice is served swiftly and fairly. No one should be above the law, especially not pop stars.

Winnie_The_Pooh Friday, July 1, 2016

I've been a DBSK/TVXQ fan since rising sun. I am not going to sit here and let him go IF he did rape those girls, fan or not, that is a crime and he should be charged with it. But as a fan, I am holding hope until all this is cleared out. I am not going to jump to conclusion, yea the girls all filed a case against him, but nothing is even cleared about any of these. There was the Lee Byung Hun case that happened where a few girls who allegedly claimed that he had relationships with them when he never did. Rape is a crime, but this case is similar to Byung Hun's case, everyone jumped to conclusion and hated when they did know the facts. And this could also be the case as well. I am not delusional, I am just holding back judgement until we actually know what the hell is going on. Also for those that immediately claims he's guilty because of the video above.... he looks tired and unsure because he's been accused of not ONE but FIVE rape cases, anyone guilty or not would be extremely scared and tired in the situation.

Ieta Winnie_The_Pooh Friday, July 1, 2016

Before this nobody interested to cover their succesful news but now...everyday have their news.

ballerz14_20 (Banned) Friday, July 1, 2016

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

Ieta  ballerz14_20 (Banned) Friday, July 1, 2016

He still not found guilty.

micronta Friday, July 1, 2016

I've always admired Mickey for his natural and confident ability.   He always admired him for his squeeky, clean, innocent image as I didn't know he went to entertainment bars.  I watched most of his dramas and thought this guy can make it far as he had the knack for acting.  Agree with hellogoodbyehell that he seems to be guilty as it's not just 1 to 3 victims but 5.  Can't these girls all go to jail if they fabricated this?  Why would 5 girls take the risk to make up stories if they can be liable for their words?  I just watched the video and this is the first time I am commenting here as I am shocked to see him looking so down.  Oh man, Yoochun, your body language said it all.  A top singer and actor appeared slumped, nervous, anxious and scared.  Did you guys see how he nervously moved  his lips before speaking to the media?  Did you guys see how his hand latched on to 2 body guards consistently through the video while walking the corridor and especially going down the stairs like a little boy.  His demeanor is so different from when he was in dramas.  This is a far cry of the Yoochun I've seen in his dramas, an actor who appeared limitless in his acting potential.  His confidence never faltered as he knew he was good at what he was doing in his dramas.    However infront of the media, he appeared unsure, scared and guilty to be honest.  If one is truly innocent wouldn't you look at everyone in the eye and project the confidence that he didn't do a bad deed.  Yet his eyes projected extreme fatigue, fear and uncertainly.  To me that is not a good sign already.  I loved Yoochun's dramas as some of them were so funny.  But if he actually raped the girls this is no joking matter and he should be punished if he's found to be guilty.  I also found it odd that he said bathroom's are beautiful as the news were discussing about his perchant for bathrooms.  I don't know the more updates we get the worse this seem to get.

Ieta micronta Friday, July 1, 2016

Nobody will calm if there is more than 100 reporter wait for you at police station.

Winnie_The_Pooh micronta Friday, July 1, 2016

I am not going to defend yoochun IF he really did rape those girls, because if he did then he can go rot in prision. However, you do know the yoochun in the drama is a character that he plays and doesn't actually portray who he really is in person right?? In addition, he was holding onto the two guys because they were leading him while he walked with his head down. LOL I am not sure how you jumped to the conclusion that he's guilty just from the video, but that's your thoughts and opinion.

hellogoodbyehell Friday, July 1, 2016

i won’t sit here and shut my mouth bec i won’t deny and tolerate this shit!don’t be in denial and forgot logic behind your brain!im a fan of tvxq since purple line, when i found out that he’s accused by 1st victim i’m in denial2nd victim--- still in denial3rd victim ---- semi in denial4th victim -- oh no he’s in trouble5th victim--- OH SHIT yoochun u nympho and you’re still in denial?and you still defending him?

Ieta hellogoodbyehell Friday, July 1, 2016

I am not defend him but....please wait until police comfirmation ok.

shyloone Friday, July 1, 2016

The first accuser should be in jail her and her Bf..for simply fucking the policd around

shyloone Friday, July 1, 2016


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