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MBC's 'PD Notebook' apologizes for not airing statement by Yoochun's agency

By elliefilet   Wednesday, June 29, 2016   49,113   1,959   51



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MBC's 'PD Notebook' has apologized for not airing a statement by Yoochun's agency C-JeS Entertainment as well as lying that no response from the agency was received.

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On the June 28th airing of the show, the PD stated C-JeS Entertainment had no statement despite the show requesting one. 'PD Notebook' apologized, "We sincerely apologize to viewers regarding the aspects we failed to confirm. We'd also like to express our deepest regrest to C-JeS Entertainment. We will bring you better broadcasts in the future with more thorough information."

The statement by C-JeS Entertainment concerning Yoochun's ongoing sexual assault cases was also shared with the apology:

"Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
This is our response to your request for our cooperation regarding 'PD Notebook' for June 28.
From the initial reports on the situation until now, our stance has not changed. Many media outlets requested interviews, but we cannot consent to any.
Due to indiscriminate reports on unconfirmed situations still undergoing investigation, Yoochun's image has been ruined. In this situation, rumors are flying and the importance of the situation is lost. We want to continue with our course, and we'll do anything to regain Yoochun's honor and reputation."

In related news, Yoochun is being investigated by police for allegedly sexually assaulting four women.
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wjngoowon Saturday, July 2, 2016

DEAR GOD, Why is there so much negativity & hate in people's mind & heart?? What goes around, comes around. The negativity/hate you sent out into this universe will engulf your life. You have to pay for your negativity. The moment you send hate, you are bringing your soul energy level down down down. Next time if something bad happens to you, just remember it's because of your negativity. It's good to follow news but DON'T INDULGE in gossip, slander, judging & hate. If you support him, comment "I support him". If you don't support him, comment "I wish the truth will surface soon". Don't prolong the discussion unnecessarily and waste yours & others time. Life is simple, don't complicate it unnecessarily. Live & let live, don't rub your opinions on others & don't think you're right either. I suggest you all start reading philosophy & expand your mind towards love & positivity rather than wasting your time in dissing people/celebrities.

pjhlove Wednesday, June 29, 2016

mbc is suck, they never broadcast anything about jyj since the 1st day and now suddenly when yoochun got a problem they become interested in them and start broadcasting about this scandal.. and they only make yoochun and cjes as the bad guy in the show,, their apology means nothing... they are sucks... all the trash media only spread rumours and not base on the real fact from the police investigation.. yoochun image has been ruin just because all netizen believe all the rumours that the media spread which unlikely true..yoochun must be feel desperate and devastated with all this rumours surrounding him... T__T

nami_chan Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4 woman ..aren't 5 or something? just asking, well guilty or not it's a fact that his reputation is ruined u.u.

W_Y2c2J Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Congratulations you did it AKP lol finally posting some news base on real statement, MBC apologized cause they know as soon as police final report is out they gonna get sue by cjes , so they ruin his image then say sorry for airing unconfirmed testimony

alistapart W_Y2c2J Wednesday, June 29, 2016

they apologize for saying that CJES doesn't response to comment, in which they in fact did it on email, the airing of the victim testimony is not wrong and they didn't apologize for that

ketisanmo alistapart Wednesday, June 29, 2016

it is wrong to create bias opinion when the case investigation is on going .it is interference to the legal process and against the code practice of investigative journalism practice of Korea.

alistapart ketisanmo Friday, July 1, 2016

while it may create bias, it doesn't make them wrong in the sense of programming rules. and against code of practice investigative journalism ? then why we haven't heard anything from Korean Broadcasting Commission regarding this episode?

ketisanmo alistapart Friday, July 1, 2016

They have already issued an apology to the viewers and cjes, and take the VOD off

alistapart ketisanmo Friday, July 1, 2016

you should read what they write in the apology notice, better yet read the article that you commented on >_< They apologize for saying CJES didn't comment anything when we ask them, while the truth is CJES did send them a reply in email.

SUJUshinee4ever Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So, the thing is that they were actually trying to make yoochun and his agency the bad guys, and they succeeded in doing so. People have mostly jumped on the bandwagon that he is a rapist, and their sentiments have been fueled up in such a way that even if he gets proven innocent, the public will not believe him. Congrats MBC! you won! OH! btw, where were you guys sleeping while jyj was never allowed any promotion on tv? why didnt you EVER try to interview the victim party then, and broadcast it? You chose never to show that, but now suddenly you have gotten interested in yoochun and his wrongdoings!!!! wow!

bakanishela Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This is why the korean netizens don't trust their own media. Because one is like this. They only aired from what the alleged victim(?) side. Only one sided not the both sides. They made it look like Yoochun is the bad guy. They labeled Yoochun as being a rapist (eventho there is no confirmation or whatsoever from the official police). MBC is not sorry at all.

bangeryun94 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MBC isn't sorry about anything.  This isn't the first time they've lied and certainly won't be the last.

changminbaby Wednesday, June 29, 2016

everyone just imagine if he is really innocent how he feels abt all of this? is it good to judge someone without proof nd ruin his image like tht??

BLACK_SUN Wednesday, June 29, 2016

just wait from yoochun agency for sue other people to spread the rumours. maybe the media will stop making story and slowly about this case because will become ruined for their company . Yoochun should be retire right now , it will stop hurt he felling because it under investigation case. i don't back up Yoochun but stay strong okay for your mistake, maybe him not realised that time but everyone make a mistake right.

changminbaby BLACK_SUN Wednesday, June 29, 2016

why should he retire if he is innocent? he can be innocent nd he said if he is guilty he will retire, so can u guys stop saying he is ruined, retire nd rapist, i mean do u know tht he can be innocent nd if its true imagine wht he is feeling right now.. its not even funny how ppl re so judging without any evidences

BLACK_SUN changminbaby Wednesday, June 29, 2016

if just one person come out is okay, but it already four people make police report and same case with individual different. the last case who are telling about detail is i don't trust because the story can't to tell public, why she tell public about that if when she was raped her not make police report but right now brave to tell the world her was raped by Yoochun.

changminbaby BLACK_SUN Wednesday, June 29, 2016

im having hard time understanding u but anyway, because they re 4 its true? they cant lie?? thts not evidence they can lie too ,nd abt her not telling police first but media is a way to ruin his image.

starempress Wednesday, June 29, 2016

... a broadcasting station as large as MBC actually blocking JYJ can be seen as even further proof that there is something going on, intentionally making him out to be a bad guy. MBC probably only came forward with this apology after under threat of a defamation lawsuit.

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