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Yoochun's first accuser denies being paid off + second accuser opens up about the traumatic experience

By alim17   Tuesday, June 28, 2016   78,299   1,798   189



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The June 28 airing of MBC's 'PD Notebook' delved into the recent sexual assault scandal involving Yoochun.

They got in touch with an interviewed the first woman to accuse him of rape as well as her boyfriend.  She had also dropped her complaint later on, raising suspicions that she'd been paid off by Yoochun's side.

Her boyfriend stated, "Firstly, there was no such thing as a settlement at all.  What actually happened was that we dropped the charge because we wanted to quietly conclude this.  There were many rumors saying we received money, but we had not received a single penny.  Since the reports went out, we'd never met up with a rep from his side.  We never tried to contact him or call him.

"We really had not wanted reports to go out.  This was because if the situation blew up, then the identities would also be revealed for sure.  After the article went out, we changed our minds.  Because things were getting bigger, we had no choice but to want to fold this as quickly as possible, which was the biggest reason for our dropping the charge. Honestly, if [Yoochun's side] keeps pushing forward saying that [the first accusation] was a false one, he'll be the one to see the damage."

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Also, the diary entry of the woman who claimed she had been raped by Yoochun back in December (the second accuser) was revealed in this broadcast.  She said, "At the time, I wrote in my diary, 'My friends.  If I die, attack Yoochun.  Don't hate me.'  I had to earn money and I had to go to work, but whenever I went into that room, I had such a hard time and thought I would go crazy, so in the end, I quit.  

"I thought that I was treated as less than human by him.  I felt like he thought, 'Those in this business probably won't be able to report me even if I do this to them, they won't be able to go against my words, and there is no CCTV, so they wouldn't dare file a charge against me, and since I'm a top star and celebrity, they probably wouldn't feel this is unfair.'  He disregarded me because I work in this business.  I cannot forgive him."

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wjngoowon Saturday, July 2, 2016

DEAR GOD, Why is there so much negativity & hate in people's mind & heart?? What goes around, comes around. The negativity/hate you sent out into this universe will engulf your life. You have to pay for your negativity. The moment you send hate, you are bringing your soul energy level down down down. Next time if something bad happens to you, just remember it's because of your negativity. It's good to follow news but DON'T INDULGE in gossip, slander, judging & hate. If you support him, comment "I support him". If you don't support him, comment "I wish the truth will surface soon". Don't prolong the discussion unnecessarily and waste yours & others time. Life is simple, don't complicate it unnecessarily. Live & let live, don't rub your opinions on others & don't think you're right either. I suggest you all start reading philosophy & expand your mind towards love & positivity rather than wasting your time in dissing people/celebrities.

Justice_for_V Friday, July 1, 2016

unlike JYJ3 that sensors the opinions of the other side, thank you Allkpop for not using a ban to silence the voice of the other side, which allows JYJ fans to debate their celebrity without the censoring of their freedom of speech. Though I'm sure most JYJ fans are always on the defensive type mentality, quick to use harsh dehumanization of you in their accusation of you, well known for cutting parts of your post, the only parts they wish to address to justify their attack on you, when engaged in conversation.Recall that time Jaejoong got drunk and started hitting on teenage girls whom he wasn't even sure were saesengs, only after he hit them and asking them to come back to get some more kang fu on them? a grown man man, even though they were following him around and annoyed him like reporters would,sure they are wrong misbehaving kids, but he's the adult and they are the kids, you don't treat kids who don't know any better with violence, but hey, Jaejoong said he'd shave his daughter's head if she stalked her favorite celebrity instead of talking some sense into her over her behavior ( talk about parenting the Jaejoong way, hope fans don't think that's how you raise kids for real) I just hope he doesn't do that to her drunk (says allot about how this adult grown man going to handle his marriage issue, get depressed, drink your problems away, like he told fans, drink drink drink, come home drunk, wife annoys you about kid's behavior, hit the wife hit the kid and when the abuse comes out to the media go and apologize to fans through the press instead of the victims, victims he abused because of his drinking habits) Yeah, ,let's sport a theory, seeing how Yoochun also loves to drink drink drink, he might have gotten drunk too and sexually harassed or raped these women because hey they work in this industry, he might be thinking they trashy anyway in his mind, because what kind of man goes to brothels to throw money at women for sex anyway? Not a respectable gentleman I can tell you that. Fans at JYJ3. net say there is nothing wrong with Yoochun visiting brothels and paying prostitutes for sex. Yeah I'd like to see that fan date a guy who visits brothels, imagine your boyfriend, the father of your kids use to be visiting on brothels, something to teach the sons eh? she and the ones who agreed with her are just disgusting hypocrites, saying they don't mind him going to brothels, I bet you they won't be dating Yoochun right now if he came to them now wanting them to be his girlfriend, not after they now know he visited brothels, it's just they are two faced, knowing well good that they are delusional idealists. Do any of you think Yoochun would be okay with dating a prostitute? That same fan would defend Yoochun's rejection of dating a prostitute and probably say something like " of course he would not date a prostitute he's a respectable man who won't treat a human being that way, giving money for sex? not Yoochun" because her standard depend on the action of the celebrity, not human values not standards.Good they don't judge him yet as a rapist, but why don't they treat the other side with the same open mind? why do they attack the victims? what will the fans hiding at JYJ3 .net  (to not debate with would wide fans) do if Yoochun did rape the victims during his drunk state, not his sober state, like DUI , even Jaejoong wouldn't be hitting people if he was sober too. JYJ3 fans at least give the victims some slack, not because they are women, but because these are human beings that said your celebrity raped them. Don't bash them and refute them and attack them before the results come out, and then we can see then who was the liar and who is the victim.We know for sure Jaejoong hit teenage stalkers during his drunk state from Dispatch, Dispatch is sleasy but they didn't lie. and JYJ fans are fine with their drunk hitting, daughter-head shaving attitude kpop idol Jaejoong non the less, that violent emo is still warmly accepted by his emo loving, violent vicious stans, who might also love to drink their problems away, what a nice advice Jaejoong has for his fans.If Yoochun turns out to be a drunk rapist, I have faith in Yoochun's fans more than Jaejoong's fans, that they will know how to differentiate between right and wrong, where the line draws, because if it was Jaejoong who was proven guilty, his Jaejoong fans would place the blame on the victims going by accusations such as "if she didn't want to be raped, she should not have been working as a prostitute in the first place"  some (if not majority) of Jaejoong fanbase mentality, they don't stand by humanity they stand by the image they create for their celebrity and willing to defend it with all their might because it's a fantasy no one should wake them up from, so they'll defend whatever his actions are, as long as that means keeping the image THEY want about him alive. I hope Yoochun fans aren't like that.So far in Yoochun's case, the body language, the defeat, the apology to fans (in the video he appeared to the press recently) it could be because it was found out that he visits the brothel only. Questioning the victims credit is one thing, but questioning the victims for the sake of Yoochun is another thing. Did you question HIS credit after seeing the video the same way you question their claims? or were you questioning the victims just out of defense for Yoochun? Isn't it better to wait for results before taking sides. And don't one dare come defend Jaejoong to me about what he did hypocrites, I know you love fan wars, but you hate on what Yunho and Homin done in the past, until this day you hate and bash freely at JYJ3. net on Homin because of what homin did in the past. Guess what! I don't forgive the past either, like I don't forgive guys that get violent when drunk, and take their frustration on idiot kids (Funny how Jaejoong composes himself well in front of paparazi media but not with teenagers, but maybe that because he was sober under the pressure of the paparazi media.) This is why you should not drink drink drink and get drunk, because if you do you end up assaulting people.

shyloone Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well its a mans choice if he wants to splash out all his money to woman in brothels, but these women really dont care much for there own bodies though if they want to sleep with every tom dick and harry, and we all know what can come from this kind of industry, but if an idiot is willing to pay these women who have already slept with who knows howmany people, then thats there choice and problem, but those woman use some of the most stupid reasons why they work in such places..and I will never understand it

oooxtina Thursday, June 30, 2016

wait so..the first accuser is now saying it did happen but they closed the case because they didn't want ppl to know?? what? so confused with all this whatever I wasn't there and I don't see solid proof on either sides so fighting to whoever is teeling the truth I guess..Yoochun i really hope you are the good one in this :/

YuliaS Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Отправка - Хватит врать

NORM Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Apparently talking to MBC was way easier than responding to the police's invite... Yeah some pple just arent helping their case right now :/

sami006 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

of of course you didn't received money! miss choi said the same things after the first scandal " i dropped the charges just for love without receiving a penny" & few month later it has been revealed she actually asked for 600 million won to drop her f**king charges, you f**king liars "

atravista sami006 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Your oppa is the pig

micahxo_lu sami006 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

That was one girl in an entirely different situation. She has nothing to do with this case.

sami006 atravista Wednesday, June 29, 2016

He is not my oppaaaaaar or anything ass*ole.

sami006 micahxo_lu Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How do you know she has nothing to do with this case?! Are you sure she hasn't received anything or just saying sth?!

micahxo_lu sami006 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lmao, she has nothing to do with this case because she hasn't filed any report against Yoochun and she's currently dealing with her own case and the aftermath.

Francias1 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What happened to Yoo-Chun's alibis where they rejected?

selenajyp Francias1 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

the police hasn't released anything about yoochun's alibis .

crownheiress Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why do I have a feeling this is a "gangster war" with Yoochun as a Fall Guy?

Francias1 crownheiress Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Because Dispatch said the CEO of C-jes is a gangster( which apparently isn't true), but then they questioned C-Jes CEO and his father, plus people kept saying the bar is ran by gangs

superjaaaa Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Not judging or hating, in fact I'm a curious bystander in all of these. But that quote "women in this business"...

smygjypcube Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Bananarama smygjypcube Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The idea was to deal with it through the police, between him, the victim and the police. Theoretically not supposed to involve the general public, although I guess it was inevitable that someone would figure out what happened.

micahxo_lu smygjypcube Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Well if you get raped (not saying that anyone was raped but it's alleged) and you're strong enough to seek justice, you usually don't want people knowing about it besides the police. You can't help it if you were raped by a world-famous star and it got so big. Besides, only one alleged victim said that they wanted to conclude things quietly.

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