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Jung Il Woo talks about when he wants to marry and more with 'International bnt'

Jung Il Woo

In an interview with 'International bnt,' actor Jung Il Woo talked about a variety of subjects while showing off his masculine charms out in the wild in the photo shoot.

In relation to passing his 10th anniversary since debut, he relayed how his life has changed so that it was difficult for him to imagine his life without acting. He is immensely proud of the fact that he has personally and consistently run forward solely on the path of becoming and being an actor for half his life. He did add that he still has a long way to go, but he sincerely seemed happy that he became an actor.

Jung Il Woo added that he never got to take a break for a whole year, adding that he has filmed for 'Cinderella and Four Knights' for four months and is focusing on wrapping it up. When asked what gives him the most strength when he's having a hard time, he replied that what has always been by his side during times when a slump came or he was separated from people close to him was his fans. He relayed his gratitude for fans, stating that most of his fans were women so he wanted to be even more considerate toward them and embrace them. When asked about his ideal type, Jung Il Woo insisted that the most important factor was how she's been brought up, and added that he tries to look at a person's character a lot.

When asked about marriage plans, he revealed that many of his friends are already married with children, so he somehow feels like he's already become an ahjussi (old man). However, he added that he had no intention to tie the knot until he reaches his 40's, adding that there are still many people around him he feels responsible for.

When asked about variety appearances, he revealed that he is very competitive and hates to lose to others, so sometimes he doesn't even focus on the fact that they're filming, only focusing on winning. Jung Il Woo added that variety shows were hard for him, but he likes to cook, so he would like to go on 'Three Meals a Day.'

Regarding entering his 30's, he said there were some regrets from his 20's, such as worrying over naught and not being more assertive about his work.

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