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Jessica is 'Fly' in her 2nd MV teaser!

By beansss   Thursday, May 5, 2016   101,727   20,630   317



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Jessica has released another MV teaser for her upcoming title track "Fly"! 

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In this teaser, the singer shows off some of her fancy, elegant dance moves, as well as her bright, adventurous side on an open road! 

Coridel Entertainment has also announced that official dates for Jessica's solo debut will be released this May 9. Who's excited?

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Official_JJPS Monday, May 9, 2016

Visit 1-800-JJPS (Tumblr) or Official_JJPS (Twitter) for information on Jessica's preorders and additional information on her solo debut. #withlovej

snsdtwinkle Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seeing Jessica dancing after such a long time is making me tear up... You've come a long way Jess! I support you 100% in everything you do! Always here! Fighting!

VIPFFORLIFe101 Saturday, May 7, 2016

This looks dope!!!

SoshiMECH Saturday, May 7, 2016

I'm starting to think that "Fly" is going to be an English language song... The first teaser had one line from the song "You can fly" in English. It's not unusual for Korean songs to have English in them but when this second teaser came out and it didn't feature any adition lines for the song it made me think...? Maybe they are hiding the fact that the song is in English? All the people involved with the song "Fly" are America including her backup dancers and in particular the rap artist Fabulous who is featured in the song and the Music Video is filmed in America. Jessica's album is coming out on the May 9 (very soon) and so far she hasn't announced any appearances on Korean music shows and the appearance she was going to make on Radio Star has been pushed back to the second half of the year.... I think I'm going to call it... and say "Fly" will be an English language song and it will take her out of competing with Tiffany on Korean music shows. It make sense in a way that she will tap into a more global audiance that she would be better of going after (for business reasons) rather than trying compete with K-pop artists and SM Entertainment in particular. I think Jessica has what it takes (a unique vocal sound) to become globally successful and she already has a very large fan base to build on. Whatever the song is I'm excited for it... It looks and sounds Epic!

soshigeneration SoshiMECH Saturday, May 7, 2016

English song would be good. I doubt she'd do really good in America look at CL but promoting out of Korea is smart

SoshiMECH soshigeneration Saturday, May 7, 2016

I think the problem with CL is that she doing s style of music that America already has too much of and to stand out and compete with the likes of Micki Minaj she needs to do something outrages. Jessica on the other hand has a voice (and a look) that will make her standout from the crowd. Vocally she has a voice similar to Michael Jackson and I'm guessing someone else picked up on that because there was a video of her from about a year ago of her in the studio with Jermaine Jackson (the brother of Michael). So it will just come down to how good her songs are and how well they are marketed, but based on what I see in this teaser I think she is one the right path.

zelo_baby Friday, May 6, 2016

Jessica look very matured now compare to her SNSD days. And dancing very cutesy doesn't really suit her now. Anyhow, still looking formard for 'Fly'

SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

Meanwhile... Where the hell is Tiffany's music video teaser...SM?! At this point in time Jessica is wining the race by a long margin...! But I am really looking forward to seeing what Tiffany has to offer, but I'm afraid that SM is only putting in a half hearted effort... particularly based on what could only be described as very boring and generic song/album title "I Just Wanna Dance", there is no hidden meaning in that, unlike "Fly".

SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

Jessica trained for 5 years and was a member for 7 years during that time she almost never missed a live performance or TV show appearance  Prior to Jessica getting kicked out of SNSD Sooyoung was missing from K-con in LA, in fact while Sooyoung was acting during this period she was missing on numerous occasions and Sooyoung wasn’t the only member to go missing when they had commitments to other solo activities, if you go back and watch SNSD’s older performance and TV show appearances you will see occasions when other members are missing, yet Jessica was almost always there. Recently SNSD won best female act at MAMA and only TTS were there to accept the award, apparently the other five members were too busy doing whatever solo activities they were doing at the time...? Logically speaking it’s almost impossible to understand why Jessica was unceremoniously kicked out of the group and not allowed to work on getting her fashion business up and running all the while still attend key events like the Tokyo Dome concert and the Chinese fan meet (that she was on her way back to appear at when she got kicked out)? Then she could have left the group in a more dignified way and the Tokyo Dome concert could have been the farewell that Jessica deserved… I’m not angry at the other members if they did indeed vote to kick her out (even if it is quite baffling as to why they did) but I am disappointed in SM who should have supported Jessica and found a compromise (and truly were the only ones with the power to kick her out)... If I was to speculate on what really happened, I believe that SM wanted part of Jessica’s fashion business and because Jessica would give then a peace they kicked her out of SNSD. On the positive side kicking Jessica out motivated her and her fans and it is very likely that her fashion business wouldn’t have been as successful and we would be getting a solo album and what looks like an epic song and music video.

SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

Can some please explain why when I type wouldn't (would not) it turns into would?

krell SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

Even with the typo, I think that your message is clear to anyone that reads it.

Fan SoshiMECH Saturday, May 7, 2016

Almost never missed a performance.. You are all hiding behind it like missing schedule is so eternal. It's just the top of iceberg. A project needs much mire time and hardwork than showing up on the stage. Ican't even take you serious on this. You are blinded with her malice and shamelesly attact peoole when they are not blameful like Jess. Even if you don't wan to accept. She cosplayed victim when SNSD headed to China. She tell her Chinese friends these girls kicked me out without a reason. And created a disgusting campaign towards the girl at Weibo. Day and night there was a new poor jessica article that writed by obvious people. And SM or other girls didn't even try to destroy her career. They remain quite. She could quit more diligently. BUT SHE DIDNT WANT IT. She made this story. If you really have a brain think a little why they kicked her with a phone call when she was in NY for one months, when they kicked out her when they are so busy and it's really fatal to change all choreo and such right before Tokyo Dome. You are blind and don't see already obvious things before your eyes. Such a shame. Keep going like this. This girl is nothing but money greed. And you fell her trap already

Fan SoshiMECH Saturday, May 7, 2016

Remind you, sm and snsd gave her permission to oen that brand, they signed a short term contract with her after this, they put her in the important schedule and then kicked out her suddenly out of nowhere? I don't think you think clearly about this, and lucky Jess she knows people are so idiot to follow her selfish and money greedy ass like this. Such a shme.

SoshiMECH Fan Saturday, May 7, 2016

There is very little difference between letting Jessica work on her fashion business, having her turn up to key events and kicking her out altogether… She would have not had to be involved with any subsequent albums, just rehearsals for the Tokyo Dome concert and the odd meeting... The reality is that no one really knows what happened (other than SM and the nine members) and the people having a go at Jessica are really doing it, so the other member don't look bad, people have speculated that they voted her out of the group and Jessica was the only member that said anything after she was kicked out, and that is not good at all... As I said before SM were the only ones with the power to kick Jessica out, so if it was a bad decision it is in SM’s hands. And no matter how you look at it, it was a very cold hearted business decision, that didn't take into consideration the fans and it is almost impossible for them to justify and SM didn’t even try to justify it... Guilty people usually stay silent. It could have (should have) been handled so much better… Anyway that is in the past and the Jessica’s future is now looking so much… So in a roundabout way, thank you SM for that… but no thanks for breaking the hearts of the fans and not allowing the fans and Jessica the send-off they deserved! We forgive but I never forget…

krell SoshiMECH Sunday, May 8, 2016

I *definitely* agree with you, that SMe Agency management had *other* reasonable options. In terms of 'orchestrating' the removal of JESSICA as a member of SNSD. And you are CORRECT that SNSD members are NOT in a position to remove members of SNSD. That is STRICTLY a 'legal power' that resides with SMe Agency management.

upppy Friday, May 6, 2016

She looks great but I don't like the look of the dancers. It looks very trashy. Why is she using American dancers instead of Korean? A bit off to me. It looks like she is trying to distance herself from Kpop but then still sell to those fans.

SoshiMECH upppy Friday, May 6, 2016

Because Jessica has the potential to be globularly successful not just successful in Korea.

SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

globularly? I mean globally...

upppy SoshiMECH Friday, May 6, 2016

I get that. I just think the dancers are dressed very trashy like. It doesn't fit with Jessica's image or from what we've heard of the song.

SoshiMECH upppy Friday, May 6, 2016

I think you might be being a bit harsh... after all they out side... if anything Jessica is a bit over dressed for the environment....

SoshiMECH upppy Friday, May 6, 2016

Also I think there is a possibility that "Fly" will be an English language song aimed at the global market.

kkrazy upppy Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why does it matter what nationality the dancers are? It really doesn't make a difference to the song itself. You certainly won't even notice if you're listening to it.

upppy kkrazy Saturday, May 7, 2016

Obviously. Did you read my comment? I wondered why she is trying to distance herself from kpop.

jeanchan upppy Sunday, May 8, 2016

Define "trashy". Don't you think you're a bit harsh and judging? I think they look fabulous! That's American/Western style and I think the style suits Jessica's MV. Other groups like Red Velvet and even SNSD are trying to follow a very different concept: more free and creative for their videos (watch Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb, SNSD's Lion Heart etc.). These groups are trying to improve themselves and be more interesting as well, why do you think every group/artist (like Jessica) have to follow a "kpop" concept?

kkrazy upppy Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm waiting for you to make the same observation for Tiffany's new MV and her non-Korean dancers.

ramjetranch Friday, May 6, 2016

Back home in California and free as a bird.  Godspeed Jessica.

taeng0903 Friday, May 6, 2016

you's weird when she been accused for being 'lazy dancer' in GG.. But here,she making debut with a dance song.. Slay them,Princess!! 9th and 11th sure being interesting for me.. hahaaha.. good luck..

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