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Posted by jubilantj171 pts Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ilbe user sends a garland to Gangnam Station to mock the recent bathroom murder


A garland plant displaying an inappropriate message regarding the recent Gangnam murder supposedly has the public in an outrage. 

On the evening of May 19, a person who is suspected to be a member of right-wing forum Ilbe left a garland near the entrance of Seoul's Gangnam Station. The garland read, "Let's not forget the ROKS Cheonan warriors who died because they were men." 


Subsequent 34-year-old Mr. Kim's murder of a young woman at a unisex bathroom in Seoul's Seocho District, many people have been leaving hundreds of handwritten messages of support and condolences at Gangnam Station's exit. Some messages read, "I will behave in a way that promotes a society without hate crime against women," "I'm just sorry that I wasn't there [to help]," generally in mourning of the woman's cruel and unnecessary death. It appears that this one person does not feel sorry at all for what has happened to the poor woman. The Ilbe user had sent this garland in order to make a mockery of the whole situation. 

Later, an Ilbe user uploaded a post titled, 'I admit to sending the garland to Gangnam Station.' The poster wrote, "Would you look at all these pigs who were screeching and propounding the theory that the sinking of the ROKS Cheonan was the result of a government conspiracy. Of course they would call this incident a 'hate crime against woman' after one mentally ill patient kills a woman, using it as media play and uploading selfies on Instagram;;;I sent the garland in remembrance of ROKS Cheonan's warriors...let's have a silent tribute to all of ROKS Cheonan's warriors who sacrificed their lives for the country."

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