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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 9

By jubilantj   Thursday, May 19, 2016   13,303   1,374   0



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Ddanddara band loses and regains their drummer, Seok Ho is investigated for his past manipulation of music charts, Ha Neul finds out that Seok Ho knew about Jinu being the supposed culprit of the 'rape,' a key clue is discovered at the crime scene, and Seok Ho rediscovers his burgeoning feelings for Geu Rin and realizes that he cannot bring himself to close the distance between the two of them. 

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Among all the developments thus far, I think the most important development of all is Seok Ho's continuous growth. He has come so far from the character he was in the beginning of the series; I know I've said this before but I'll say it again because he literally went through the biggest change in the drama. 

Ha Neul revisits the crime scene and finds a clue which only confuses him more. 

The turning point in his life of hitting rock bottom has helped expose who Seok Ho truly is on the inside: a deeply caring, selfless man who would do anything and everything he could to protect those near and dear to him. He was quick to anger, impatient, and he didn't feel even the teeniest of bit of guilt stepping ruthlessly on people below him; now, however, he is practically the face of prudence. Even after learning that Jinu could be the culprit of the rape, Seok Ho does not do anything, fully aware that exposing Jinu would clear Ha Neul's name. 

Jinu on the verge of totally slipping

Seok Ho's growth has, in part, to do with Geu Rin's influence. Seok Ho can't help but be drawn to Geu Rin's pure heart and her unconditional sacrifice, an understandable phenomenon as he is starting to see a bit of himself in her. Much like how he cares for his artists, Geu Rin also cares for the people around her, and the two of them find themselves learning from each other on how to truly give. 

They find each other abhorrent...since this is a K-drama, that must mean they're actually attracted to each other! 

Now, moving on from Seok Ho's growth and his relationship with Geu Rin...Seok Ho believes crucial puzzle pieces are missing to the whole picture of the rape, especially after Ha Neul handed him the key chain which belonged to Lee Ji Young's little brother. The key chain made me realize just how crazy Lee Ji Young is. I mean, this bitch forced her own younger brother to film her being 'raped,' for chrissake. I get that you want to be a K-Pop star really badly...but this is not the way to go about it. I don't know about you but getting to be in a K-Pop group honestly doesn't seem worth the trouble of placing your brother in a situation that might traumatize him for life. 

Any child would take one look at this face and run in the opposite direction. 

And then we've got Jinu who's on the brink of total mental destruction. It's only a couple more episodes now before he eventually breaks down; imagine how he will feel after he learns that he was set up and used by everyone at K-Top! Poor guy...I see no easy way out for him at this point.


Plot: 6

Cinematography: 7

Pacing: 6


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