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Posted by alim17261 pts Thursday, May 12, 2016

Celebs who considered going under the knife


It's not unusual for celebrities to contemplate plastic surgery, let alone undergo the actual process. They're always under the public eye and scrutiny, not to mention they're constantly being criticized for their looks!

Some celebrities were bold enough to reveal on television that they at some point or another considered getting specific work done on their face - but in the end, they decided not to. This means, some of your favorite celebrities might have ended up looking different from how they do now! Check out the faces you love and adore below that might look differently now if they had gone through with it (and of course none of them had to)!


Hani revealed, probably a couple times, that she had strongly considered going under the knife to fix her nose as her agency director said it could "use some work." However, she ultimately decided not to be, thanks to the wise words of her mother, who said that fixing her nose wouldn't transform her into Kim Tae Hee.


IU is another idol who had a problem with her nose. The idol is known to have a very cute button nose, but she worried it looked too small or flat from the side so that maybe she should elevate the bridge. However, she decided not to in the end, and many fans are probably grateful she decided to stay true to her cute, girly looks.

Honey Lee

This one's a bit of a strange one! Miss Korea-turned-actress Honey Lee revealed that she got an offer for plastic surgery when she first debuted - to get rid of her dimples! Now it's become her signature trademark! She decided not to do the surgery because she had debuted already and thought the sudden disappearance of them would be noticeable and awkward. Eventually, people found them charming! And why wouldn't they?


Minah revealed that she had seriously considered getting the double eyelid surgery at one point because she wanted brighter, bigger looking eyes. She was pretty well known for her adorable eye smile, though! Good thing she decided that she would stick with her cute monolids.

Ga In

Ga In is possibly one of the most famous celebrities in South Korea for having monolids because her eyes are also quite small. Because double eyelids is very common in the South Korean entertainment world, it comes as no surprise that she considered getting them, too. However, her mother also came into play. When she first went to the plastic surgery clinic, her mom told the doctor it was impossible to make her eyes bigger. In the end, her eyes became so well known she decided there was no point in changing them.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is another celebrity who pondered getting her nose tweaked. She explained that the end was "stubby," so people would say it's "ugly" and "divided." Ultimately, she decided to just ignore them and keep her nose the way it is because it's unique to herself, and therefore, charming.

Kim Hee Sun

In a more general account, gorgeous actress Kim Hee Sun who is known for her goddess-like looks revealed that she decided to go for a consultation at a plastic surgery clinic. She ultimately decided to stay natural and not go under the knife, adding that the whole process was so expensive she'd rather buy alcohol with that money. Stay classy!

Jay Park

The hip hop artist likewise revealed that he had gone in for a plastic surgery consultation because there were so many beauty standards in South Korea that didn't exist in the United States like small face, high nose bridge, and double eyelids. He was of the thought that he could become a 'flower boy,' which was a popular look at the time, and become popular.

Song Jae Rim

Unlike the other mothers who prevented their daughters from undergoing plastic surgery with their oh-so-kind words, Song Jae Rim's mother practically beseeched him to get inner double eyelids through cosmetic surgery so that he would look gentler (since he kept playing cold or stoic roles). Although he doesn't explicitly say that he considered her words with gravitas (so this one might be a bit of a stretch), she probably left some sort of impression as he does say it was good he "didn't go through with it." Turns out there was no need to because people liked his eyes! Ma'am, your son is fine - I mean, looks fine - without work.

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