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Netizen uploads receipts 'to prove' that Kai and Krystal purchased condoms

By jubilantj   Thursday, April 28, 2016   494,552   35,467   0



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Kai and Krystal have once again come under the the public's close scrutiny for their relationship, with people making guesses on where they rendezvous for their secret meetings. Now, curious people are invading their privacy to unimaginable limits by exposing the receipts for the things Kai and Krystal allegedly purchased at a convenience store. 

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On an online post, a netizen organized and shared various screen shots as proof of people's witness accounts of the couple at the convenience store. The screen shots also include pictures of receipts listing the items the couple allegedly purchased. 

The writing on the screen shot reads, "I'm a convenience store part-time worker and I saw Kxx and Kryxxxx both. Kai started coming here since five months back (around once or twice a month) but recently, he started visiting more frequently per month, and I also saw Krystal for the first time today. They came separately and they were both wearing white masks. What made me sure that it was Kxx was the cast on his foot I spotted. I wasn't sure whether it was him the last time he showed up with just a cap and a white mask. I was only 80% certain." 

Many curious netizens left comments on this post, asking exactly what sort of items Kai had purchased at the convenience store. One netizen asked, "Have they ever bought condoms? lolol." The OP replied to the comment with a pictures of a receipt which allegedly shows the items that Kai purchased at the store. The list shows purchases of various snacks, cup ramen noodles, candies, and 6 packets of condoms. 

Despite all these 'proofs,' many netizens were still skeptical, calling out the OP for contriving the whole situation. However, the OP was insistent, commenting, "When Kxx first came here he was wearing a mask and a cap and right outside the door was an unidentified man, and Kxx asked him for the card to be rang up and the voice sounded like Kxx; I thought that I just misheard and thought I was imagining things. But seeing that he comes here at least once a month, I thought that he must know someone who lives at the villa here. But I didn't see any fans near the villa; I guess they don't know. Recently, Kxx visits more often every month and around 5 in the evening today Kxx stopped by and Kryxxxx stopped by an hour later. She asked me if she could charge her phone and I thought her white mask strange so I looked at her face and it was Kryxxxx." 

Netizens wrote, "This is seriously doing too much..what do you care whether they did it or not? Would you like it if your school or workplace spread rumors about how you do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend? They need their private lives too and just imagine how embarrassed they are; they're grownups after all so of course they can do it if they're dating. Do you really have to expose it and make them embarrassed? Is it your hobby or something to bring shame upon other people? Well your hobby is f*cking weird; that part-time worker bitch will only come to her senses when she goes to court. Is she crazy or what; I'm not really supporting Kaistal but you guys are in the wrong, you crazy bitches and bastards," "Let's all praise them for using condoms. Honestly, with a girlfriend like Krystal, how can you just watch her?" and, "They're adults so yeah they can have sex lololololololol. What's so shocking about this, they're grown so leave them be. Looks like the fantasies of f(x) and EXO fans are broken though..." 

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coloredrain Sunday, November 27, 2016

This is just awful! I hope the employee is fired!

SamVVip Wednesday, September 28, 2016

some people are just the worst, Kai and Krystal have their private lives too. so what if they have sex? most adults on the earth do that anyway

Cylix Monday, June 13, 2016

Wow... they eat and do the deed?! That's some surprising shit there, I almost thought they were humans who were allowed to frack while in a relationship and -holy shit- eat. Netizens are some sick asswipes, poor Kaistal's privacy. Shame on that store worker.

Elantris Monday, May 30, 2016

Are you fucking serious? She stopped by to charge her phone? Why would an idol stop at a convenience store which her fellow idol boyfriend just went to, just to charge her phone? This alone makes me very sure that you're a fucking liar.

IdolsAreHumans Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guys... It's their freaking privacy! Why in the world?! Darn. I'm done with those stupid people!

exoKexoM_23 Monday, May 23, 2016

Why isn't this person fired? This is an invasion of privacy if it were real. Everyones wondering if the couple is really having sex, but the bigger issue seems to be the cashier showing this to media.

chiyasuho Thursday, May 19, 2016

I dont if this true or false.if true why didnt sm comfirm it? if it false then why didnt sm talk about it? plus about the picture they were at the pool i think it true cause SM never comfirm it maybe it true they why SM stay quite. if they still no news about they breakup the longer the anti fans distrubing them.

chiyasuho Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maybe its really not a big deal but kai krystal should becareful more and take care of they image since there idol famous idol. there nothing wrong if they do it but for me i think they had date for a long time but didnt wanna tell public yet until it the right time.but if it really they dating in short period and having baby well what shame.

Secret_Society Tuesday, May 3, 2016

LoL netizens are quite some fool. Look at the receipt it even doesnt show definitive proof whether the persons purchasing it were actual. This is common for haters and antis to post something grandeur just to create ruckus. Its everywhere in Korea. If its true, then so be it. Sex is common for couple.

light_periwinkle Tuesday, May 3, 2016

U have no right to say, respect their privacy.

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