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Posted by AllK_Maknae Friday, November 25, 2016

[MV & Album Review] T-ara - 'Remember'


T-ara, one of K-Pop's most well-known groups, have finally come back with a refreshing concept that will kick-start your feels for music again. With their last release being "So Crazy," the girls had spent an extreme amount of time abroad tucked away under the wing of Chinese entertainment. Now, they come back with "TIAMO," off their 8th album 'Remember,' in order to remind fans not to forget their love.

Track List:


02. Hurt Only Until Today

03. Farewell Movie

04. TIAMO (Chinese Ver.)

05. TIAMO (Inst.)

"TIAMO" is refreshing and soft but it really sounds like a song a rookie group would debut with. It is nice hearing the familiar voices of all six members but they don't seem to have evolved or changed much since their last set of promotions. Check out the new song below and see if you can resist their love in "TIAMO."

The song has an evidently strong piano melody that outbeats the synthetic underlayer of instrumental sounds, subtle snapping and drum beats. Aside from the rookie sound, the instrumental is very fitting for the season as it has a cool, pure feeling similar to the winter atmosphere. Then again, that could just be the MV's doing.

The girls can be seen showing their lovely sides as they calmly sit in a forest awaiting the snow and gently gaze into the camera like sweet dolls. However, T-ara still manage to sneak in some sexy outfits and dancing for their refrain. Shocking - not!

Aside from that, the MV aesthetics enhance the enjoyment of this ballad but doesn't necessarily tell a story alongside it. I just love and laugh at the fact that their refrain is "TIAMO, our own secret password." *Prepares to hack all of China*

"TIAMO" does leave an impression as T-ara slightly turn away from their usual overly autotuned, club-like beats but you can still find small traces of influences scattered here and there throughout the instrumental.

From some synthesized tunes and evident autotuned ad-libbing to the repetition of "TIAMO" in the refrain, the song is likable but not impressive. The song sounds faintly similar to something 2011 singers like Fat Cat or groups like C-REAL would have continued to make if they hadn't vanished from the spotlight.

Their album, 'Remember,' actually leaves a more remarkable impression than that title track alone. Their second ballad "Hurt Only Until Today" is powerful, moving, and showcases the development I was expecting to find in them. With a wonderful guitar strumming instrumental accompanied by light, piano notes and violins, "Hurt Only Until Today" is suitable for any Drama OST.

Since T-ara were going for a ballad concept during this round of promotions, I feel "Hurt Only Until Today" outshines all their other tracks. However, it is evident "TIAMO" became the main promotional track due to its light-hearted lyrics and repetitious chorus that make it so addictive and appealing. Even then, I still thumbs up the sophistication of their second ballad track.

After all the elegance, 'Remember' shifts styles and goes back down a more synthetic route. Also sounding more like a main promotional track, "Farewell Movie" musters up one heck of an addicting instrumental and refrain unlike the others.

Withlots of cliche ad-libbing fans can't resist singing paired with a synthesized beat and piano melody, "Farewell Movie" is a dance track that has all the ingredients of being a real winning song. It is easy to envision how the song and choreography would carry out on stage.

The lyrics are also empowering and tell a different story in comparison to their earlier tracks as the girls say, "This is like a movie, I need to say farewell. I need to forget." Maybe it is just my taste, but I prefer this song over "TIAMO" as well.

Overall, T-ara came back with something that wasn't regrettable. It didn't necessarily wow the crowd, but the variety and comforting tracks are easy to take in and offer something different from today's music choices in K-Pop.

The girls still proved their popularity, both in Korea and internationally, still remains intact and they garnered some attention for their long overdue comeback. I say the album is worth hearing at least once so fans can get a taste of the better songs T-ara have hiding on this new album. You can also hear some of their tracks in Chinese, as well, which makes for a great bonus!


MV Production.......6

MV Concept............6

MV Relevance........6

Album Production..7

Album Concept.......7



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