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Fans upset over DAY6's original MV being deleted + JYP Entertainment explains why there are less promotions


JYP Entertainment's new boy band DAY6 just made their debut and released their MV two days ago, but unfortunately, they've already experienced their first setback. Just before their "Congratulations" MV was about to hit a million views on YouTube, the video was deleted for an unknown reason.

Member Junhyeok clarified the issue for fans through an Instagram post (which was later edited) listing out hashtags that indicated that the MV's sudden disappearance was not the fault of the agency, hinting that perhaps there was some hacking or glitch involved. 

But before his post, angered that their efforts went down the drain with the MV being taken down, fans initially voiced out their complaints, pointing out that the agency seems to not care much about their new boy group. Fans actually do have a valid point, for DAY6 have been considerably less hyped and promoted by the agency compared to all their previous groups. There was no dragged out teasing process nor countless press releases to promote their debut, which is quite unusual, since an agency usually tries to hype up their new debuts as much as possible. 

But does this mean that JYP Entertainment has already given up on their new boy band? Actually no, it's quite the opposite. The lack of promotions and hype are all part of the agency's plan to help them grow and mature into a respected band.

JYP Entertainment's representative told TVReport, "DAY6 is a group that is different from other groups. Since they do band music, more than anything, their talent and skills are important. We've prepared a system where the members start from the very bottom and work their way up. In the end, the goal is to receive recognition as the band DAY6 through their talent."

Well it seems like their system is working because praise and compliments have been flooding in for the new boy band, and their music is being spread by word of mouth rather than through the agency's own marketing!


What do you think about the agency's marketing approach? 

You can also check out the band's re-uploaded MV below to help raise the view count once again!

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