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Posted by parky12 pts Monday, July 6, 2015

13 extreme accounts of sasaeng fans

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There are fans who are forever supportive of their favorite idols, and then there are sasaeng fans, those crazed so-called fans who have caused their own fair share of troubles and difficulties. Here are 13 of the most extreme accounts of sasaeng fans and the ways in which they've terrorized K-pop idols.

1) Yoochun

JYJ sasaeng fans are notorious for their extreme behavior to get closer to their idols. In one case involving member Yoochun, sasaeng fans threw all concerns of his privacy aside and installed CCTV cameras in his parking lot at home.

2) Junsu

Yoochun is definitely not the only JYJ member who experienced the overbearing surveillance of sasaeng fans. Photos of Junsu relaxing at a restaurant with hoards of sasaeng fans pressed up against the windows shocked K-pop fans, as these photos showed the extreme lengths to which sasaeng fans would go to see their idols even during their down time.

3) Taecyeon

People send fan mail and gifts to their favorite idols and celebrities all the time. However, one sasaeng fan decided to take it one step further, sending2PM's Taecyeon a letter written in (gulp) her own menstrual blood and pubic hairs.

4) Heechul & Leeteuk

While sasaeng fans can definitely disrupt the lives of their favorite idols, sometimes they actually come very close to ending them. On their way to the airport,Super Junior's Heechul and Leeteuk were involved in a 7-vehicle car accident when sasaeng fans pursued them in their own vehicle. Luckily no one was injured, although Heechul continued to use his social media platforms afterwardsto express his traumacaused by the sasaeng fans.

5) Seungri

Unfortunatelyfor K-pop idols, accidents caused by attempting to make a quick getaway are not uncommon. Big Bang's Seungri found himself in a 3-vehicle car accident in Shanghai after sasaeng fans who had rented a van to tail Seungri on the streets crashed into his bodyguards' vehicle. The bodyguards' vehicle then careened into the car that Seungri was riding, causing him minor injuries.

6) Big Bang

While sasaeng fans are notorious for following their idols in cars and taxis, Big Bang found themselves particularly compromised by sasaeng fans in vehicles in a vehicular standoff. While the members were in their van, sasaeng fans blocked the front, back, and sides of their van with their own respective vehicles. The Big Bang members were allowed to leave only after they took photos with the sasaeng fans.

7) Kim Yoo Jung

This actress was unfortunately faced with an absolutely creepy encounter of near kidnapping. When Kim Yoo Jung was in elementary school, a strange man claiming to be her relative said he was there to pick her up early. Luckily for her, a teacher recognized the dangerous situation, keeping Kim Yoo Jung safe from a potential kidnapper.

8) Baekhyun

Special occasions are meant for loved ones to celebrate a momentous occasion. However, that didn't stop sasaeng fans from crashing EXO'sBaekyun's brother's wedding for a glimpse of the idol. Not only did they stand up on chairs to take videos of him during the ceremony but they also rushed forward during the cake cutting to get autographs and photos, disrupting what should have been a private, intimate celebration for family and friends.

9) Jessica

One day, upon her return back to her apartment, Jessica noticed a man following her after she got out of a taxi. When she tried to walk away using a faster pace, the strange man continued to follow her, speeding up as well. After she typed in the password to her apartment and safely entered, she could hear him trying to open the front door to get in after her.

10) F.t. iSLAND

While they are not the only idols whose residences have been broken into, F.T. Island were definitely faced with a nasty, unwanted surprise waiting for them back at home. Upon returning, the members found that their apartment had been broken into and ransacked as sasaeng fans had stolen personal belongings of the members. To make matters even worse (and disgusting), these sasaeng fans had left their feces on the apartment floor.

11) Jonghyun

A little after CNBLUEs debut, Jonghyun was practicing the guitar in his dorm room. His practicing was not going so well, and he expressed his frustration with his playing. However, he suddenly heard a giggling noise coming from behind his drawers. In his surprise and trepidation, he opened the door, exposing a sasaeng fan who had hidden herself there previously.

12) EXO

EXO is another group that is known to be an unfortunate target of crazed sasaeng fans. In one close incident that could have ended badly, sasaeng fans rented out a van that looked very similar to EXO's van in order to pick them up. Luckily, their manager was able to stop the EXO members from entering the van in time.

13) D.O

A netizen posted a listing selling what was allegedly D.O's underwear, which she claimed to have obtained personally from his dorm room. To prove the authenticity of the underwear, she claimed she could provide strands of his hair for a DNA test. She then claimed that she would go on to get Sehun's next.

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