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CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Jonghyun share horror sasaeng fan stories

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CNBLUE and AOA raised their glasses in cheers during an interview with 'Ilgan Sports', answering questions with the utmost honesty that comes when you have a few drinks.

"Do you have any memories with sasaeng fans?" the interviewer asks.

Yonghwa starts it off, "I got into the car in front of the dorm when a fan was walking over. I got ready to roll down the window thinking s/he was going to give me a letter, but s/he unexpectedly opened the door and got in.  It was terrifying.  S/he held onto me with all her/his strength, and the manager tried to pull her/him apart from me, but he went flying. I was really shocked."

Jonghyun then took over with his own scary experiences!  "I was on my way to an appointment on the train in Japan," he said.  "Someone was coming to our car, but was stopped by the bodyguard.  However, the person said s/he knew Yonghwa, so was not restrained.  We didn't know who that person was at all, so it was really scary.  However, we later found out that person lives in the same apartment as us.  What kind of coincidence is that?"

But that wasn't all!  Jonghyun continued, "Ah, there's one more thing.  After our debut, I was playing the guitar and practicing alone in the dorm.  However, at some part, there was a weird sound.  I was getting frustrated because no matter what I was doing, it wasn't going well when there was a giggling sound from behind the drawers.  I was so surprised at the time and I opened the door.  Some fan ran away saying, 'Oppa, I listened well.'"

Whoa, talk about freaky.  How far would you go to get close to your favorite idol?

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