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Heechul gets described by SM artists, talks about his first girlfriend, and would save Taeyeon's life


Heechul appeared on the April 21 edition of '4 Things Show' and once again talked about his super close friendship with Taeyeon. �He also brought up his first relationship and met up with other SM artists to get their 4-character descriptions of him!

On this day, Heechul revealed the Philippines arena concert set and made a surprise visit to Girls' Generation Taeyeon's waiting room. �As he filmed her, he stated, "She's a dongsaeng that I extremely love. �She's a dongsaeng I would rescue if she fell into the water."

To further show off their friendship, Taeyeon was asked to describe Heechul in four characters and she said playfully, "Completely crazy (wan jeon mi chin)."�This must be a popular opinion as when Sunny was asked the same thing, she said, "Crazy guy." Hyoyeon said, "Friendly uncomfortable," while Yuri let loose with, "Rudeness. Out of his mind. In a daze." �Yoona said, "Quite okay."

On the other hand, Red Velvet were kinder with their words, saying,�"You're the best," "Kind," "Universal star," and, "Root color."

In addition, he said on the show, "I'm really good at games. �When I first had a girlfriend, she was older. �I called her to the PC room to show her a cool image. �My girlfriend just stayed still. �I didn't understand at the time why she was like that. �I wondered why there was no reaction from her."

Another close friend, Son Dam Bi, stated, "Heechul never bought his girlfriend a present. I think I saw it [happen] just once. �Whenever he's choosing [one], they're all things women hate. �I don't think he knows women."

What are your thoughts on his dating style? And how would you describe him in short form?

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