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Posted by Pakman0 pt Monday, December 22, 2014

23 K-Pop Engrish lyrics that will make you laugh... or facepalm

Baek Seung Heon
English is not everyone's first language. Still, as it is commonly spoken around the world, there are bound to be tons of "Engrish" errors. The K-Pop world is especially rife with these Engrish mistakes, especially when it comes to lyrics. So just for giggles, what are some of the funniest Engrish lyrics out there?

Check 'em out!

Super Junior

"Just close your lips. Shut your tongue."

What? How? (3:45 mark, "Mamacita")

"Go kick it in the butt!"

Why do you need to kick anything in anything when you have a gun?! (1:50, "S.P.Y")

"Sexy, free, and single, I'm ready to bingo"

These "naughty naughty" boys really know how to live up that bachelor life. (0:20, "Sexy, Free and Single")


"If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty!"

So... what's your point? (0:15 mark, "Pretty Girl")

"Time to stop try calculate you making me frustrate"

"Time to stop try calculate you making me frustrate
Is time to just trust fate ya know there's nothing to hesitate
Call me baby, call me honey, call me sweetie, yo!
I'm digging everything I'm sensing from the vibes off you"

"Oh, is this for real?
Take a look at me waiting for you
Waiting for your leading me to love without cliche
Boy oh boy don't you know
Chances pass day by day so stop and enough with the games"

Girl, you making ME frustrate. (2:20, "If You Wanna")


"Everyday I shock! Every night I shock!"

Shock like Pikachu uses electric shock? I can dig that. (1:15, "Shock")

"Make a love baby, just make a love. Feeling in my heart so nice"

You sure that feeling is in your heart? (4:30, "Beautiful")


"Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl"

"Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl"
"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday"

Rebecca Black, please take the backseat. ZE:A is the first and only master of the weekdays. (0:20 and 0:50, "Mazeltov")


"No one who care about me"

"Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous. Anonymous, heartless, mindless, no one who care about me."

But I care about you? (1:35, "MAMA")

"Roll like a buffalo"

That line is all kinds of swag. (0:30, "Two Moons")


"Give it to my 'Y'. Listen to my 'Y'"

More like, "Y those outfits bro." (0:55, "Y")

Girl's Day

"Hey boy, you make me feel like weak girl!"

"Hey boy, you make me feel like weak girl! Don't worry, baby now I'm falling love with you."

Pro tip: if you make a girl feel weak, she'll fall in love with you. (1:30, "Twinkle Twinkle")

Baek Seung Heon

"Oh my girl, like a my wife, girl let's have a baby"

Sooo that's what he meant by, "Stay by my side 'til the sun rises," hmmm? (2:50, "'Til the Sun Rises")


"You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket."

How does one "zoom zoom" another's heart? (1:20, "Beautiful Target")

"Baby I'm sorry, we got the better."

"Baby I'm sorry, we got the better."
"Baby in a city light, in in in a city love light."

They're apologizing for something, but I'm not sure what. (1:00 and 3:10, "Baby I'm Sorry")


"I call you butterfly"

"We gonna go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So fantastic
Go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So elastic
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic
Elastic, elastic, elastic, elastic"
"I call you butterfly."

Well, there are worse pet names. (1:15 and 1:50, "Ring Ding Dong")

Teen Top

"Your love plus my love, supa luv"

"Yeah, see what I'm try'na say baby
Is your love plus my love, supa luv
You know you want it, how that sound?"

Who wouldn't say yes to dat flawless logic? (3:00, "Supa Luv")


"I like like this, I like like that, I like this, like that, yeah"

Deep. (10:20, "Roly Poly")


"Don't deny our love is r-squared-pi"

Translation: "Don't deny our love is the area of a circle." (3:00, "0330")


"I really wanna touch myself"

Well. If you must. By all means, go ahead. (0:30, "Purple Line")


"So, probably your money is unpublic"

"Mission make it mission let's go mission make it make it go
I must go make it mission let's go mission make it go
I must go make it mission let's go mission make it go
I want you screaming JYJ verse 2."

"So, probably your money is unpublic
Try to save my life like a puppy and cream
Another hot movie character bumble bee
Treat me like a slave and I pray is it halloween
Trick or treats oh please don't even try
To pull my head down your way
Brand new person. A man?
So fuck off no more talk"

... Wait, what. (1:30 and 2:50, "Mission")


"My love is bigger than gingerbread man's vitality"

This whole song is evidence thatYoochun just isn't that great at English, if you couldn't tell already. (1:30, "My Girlfriend")


"Already, I'm ready, You're very tipsy baby"

"Already, I'm ready, you're very tipsy baby."
"Already, I'm ready, you're very sexy, baby."

Not sure if I like where this is going. (1:10, "Dancing in the Rain")

BONUS: Misheard lyric

"The loof, the loof, the loofah's on fire"

This had to be mentioned. ("Hurricane")

There you have it, 23 K-Pop moments that will have you laughing or facepalming over your favorite idols' Engrish. Have anymore to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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