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[Updated] Go Jun Hee's agency denies rumors of the actress and Masta Wu being in a relationship + photos of the two on a late night outing revealed

Go Jun Hee
Go Jun Hee(29) and Masta Wu(36) found themselves swept up in dating rumors, which were quickly denied by the actress's agency.

According to multiple entertainment insiders in an exclusive by SBS funE, Go Jun Hee and Masta Wu met through a mutual acquaintance and blossomed from friends into a couple starting last month. They were reported to have been spotted enjoying dates around Seoul, especially the Hongdae and Gangnam areas. Go Jun Hee was also spotted at Masta Wu's 'Show Me The Money' concert last month, further raising speculations.

However, when contacted by SBS funE for a response,Go Jun Hee's agency J-Wide Company rep denied the rumors, stating, "We've confirmed with her and although she has met up with Masta Wu, they are not dating."

They also told another media outlet Ilgan Sports, "We asked her and she said they're definitely not dating... It's true she went to see the 'Show Me The Money' concert, but she went to just see the performances, not specifically to see Masta Wu. Also, the agency already knew about her going to see the performance... It's surprising that a dating rumor has come about, but she said herself that it's not true. They do not have a relationship."


[Update] - After the initial denial from Go Jun Hee's reps, Dispatch has released a set of photos from a night they say they spotted her and Masta Wu enjoying an outing to a late night movie. Although the two arrived separately and left the movie theater separately to avoid being spotted together, the media outlet followed them and captured Masta Wu dropping off Go Jun Hee at her home and even walking her to the entrance of her apartment. With these photos, they ask the question whether the two really could be considered nothing more than acquaintances like Go Jun Hee's reps have stated.

The actress's reps have once again responded to address these new photos, commenting, "The two were not alone that night, they were with other acquaintances and managers."

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